Rugged Embedded Computers (PIP) Archiv

Discontinued and none stocked Products

MPL generally provides an availability of products for 10 years and more. In addition MPL stocks all major parts in our premises allowing us to repair the sold products for a period of 20 years and more.

Products that are discontinued or not in stock anymore can be reproduced with an MOQ. You may contact us about the feasibility.

PIP archived/discontinued products
PIP20 Intel CoreDuo 1.67GHz
PIP15 SoC PentiumM 1.2GHz
PIP11 Pentium M 1.8GHz
PIP10 Pentium M 1.4GHz
PIP9 Celeron M 1.0GHz
PIP8 Celeron M 1.0GHz
PIP6 Atom Z530P
PIP8-1/2 Pentium III with 700 MHz
PIP7-1/2 Pentium III with 400 MHz
PIP7 Celeron M 600 MHz
PIP6-1/2 Pentium MMX 266 MHz
PIP5-1/2 AMD Elan SC520, 32-Bit low power CPU,133MHz Industrial PC

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