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Newsletter September 2018   MPL-Driven unmanned racing car wins a second time on Hockenheimring

Newsletter July 2018   Rugged conductive cooled GPGPU Computer with 768-CUDA Cores

Newsletter June 2018   Failing Servers due to clogged air fans and filters

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Newsletter February 2018   IEC 60945 Marine Certified fanless embedded i7 Computer (PIP39-M)

Newsletter December 2017   Compact, Extremely Robust 18inch Panel PC

Newsletter November 2017   Compact M12 8-Port managed Switch for Rugged Environments

Newsletter September 2017   MPL driven unmanned racing car wins on Hockenheimring

Newsletter July 2017   Embedded Computer Expansion Options III

Newsletter June 2017   Rugged Xeon-D fanless Server Solution with up to 16 Cores

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Newsletter November 2016   Embedded Computer (PIP30 Family) now with "E" Approval

Newsletter October 2016   MXM /GPGPU Graphics Expansion for the PIP

Newsletter July 2016   Broader range of EN50155 Railway Certified MPL Embedded Computers

Newsletter April 2016   Rugged 10-port managed 10Gbit Switch is being released

Newsletter February 2016   The CEC10 Family used as Communication Router for fixed and mobile Applications

Newsletter October 2015   IoT ready, Universal, Compact & Modular Atom Solution

Newsletter August 2015   Modular, Long-term available 19" Rack Embedded Solution

Newsletter May 2015   Integration of mPCIe, XMC, and PMC mezzanine cards into a Compact Rugged Computer Solution

Newsletter March 2015   UNIGET: Quad Ethernet board with Power over Ethernet (PoE+)

Newsletter October 2014   Rugged managed GigE Switch Product Family with lockable header

Newsletter July 2014   TX2FX-13: More than just a Media Converter

Newsletter June 2014   The New Generation CEC with Intel Bay Trail CPU

Newsletter April 2014   Solution to expand Embedded Computer with PCIe x16

Newsletter November 2013   Extreme UPS System for rugged embedded computers

Newsletter July 2013   Compact rugged Open Frame Gigabit Firewall & VPN Router

Newsletter March 2013   MPL delivers 3rd. Gen. PIP3x Solutions to its customers

Newsletter January 2013   PIP38, the MPL designed 3rd Gen i7 Core goes in serial production

Newsletter November 2012   EN50155 certified Firewall/Router for railways applications

Newsletter September 2012   3rd Generation Intel Core Processor Technology for the PIPs

Newsletter July 2012   Small, Rugged Embedded Computer with low power consumption

Newsletter April 2012   The Compact Embedded Industrial PC (CEC) - now going to be Marine certified

Newsletter January 2012   The meaning of "Flexibility" at MPL AG

Newsletter December 2011   PIP20 Family - Embedded PC with Intel® Processor

Newsletter November 2011   GUARD-FS - Industrial Firewall/Router with Gigabit Switch

Newsletter September 2011   SPINAL-1 - extreme rugged power backup system

Newsletter August 2011   Industrial Ethernet Product Line

Newsletter May 2011   GUARD-F1 - Rugged Industrial Gigabit Firewall and VPN Router

older entries

PIP15 - Headless rugged Pentium-M solution - March 2011

MPL releases a new, highly integrated, compact, embedded computer called PIP15. The new PIP solution is specifically designed for applications that have no need for graphic output but still require the quality, reliability, low power consumption, and long term availability known from the PIP family. The PIP15 comes with the same foot print, same housing, and is expandable as all PIP products.

The new solution is based around the Intel embedded System on Chip EP80579 processor with integrated Pentium-M 1.2 GHz CPU. The PIP15 is a robust, high reliable, long term available, and powerful solution for headless embedded applications.

The PIP15 represents a unique solution for embedded applications that have no need for graphic output. It is a powerful, highly integrated, fanless Embedded Computer available in our various well known rugged PIP housing options.

Product highlights:
 - Intel SoC Pentium-M 1.2 GHz Processor
 - Supports up to 4GB ECC protected memory
 - 3x Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB2.0 and 4x RS232
 - 20ms brownout bypass and redundant power input
 - Fanless operation
 - Long term availability

For further product details please visit

Valuable Customization - February 2011

MPL customization options - valuable small features to get your own made product

Over the years MPL has designed in agreement with different customers many special custom parts. This various options always helped our customer to further differentiate there end product and to reach a uniqueness in there market.

Small selection of possible customization options:

- Add your brand or OEM logo
- Get the housing color of your choice


- Change the front plates / mechanics according your needs
- Integrate your specific card / module inside the Computer


- Let us develop your new specific custom I/O option
- Generate your own application tailored Single Board Computer


From others you only get what they have - from MPL you get what you need!

Talk to us about your idea or needs to get your own made Embedded Computer.
For further details please contact

PIP10 Family BIOS - now based on StrongFrame® Embedded BIOS® by Phoenix® - November 2010

For the PIP10 family of MPL's Packaged Industrial PCs, a completely new BIOS has been created. The new version V2.00 is based on the StrongFrame® Embedded BIOS® core by Phoenix Technologies.

The StrongFrame® BIOS core incorporates many new features and enhancements over the previous generation, such as:
 - All-new, easy-to-use BIOS Setup
 - BBS (BIOS Boot Specification)
 - Boot Action Menu to change boot device on the fly
 - APIC mode
 - Improved serial console
 - and much more

The PIP20 family of MPL's Packaged Industrial PCs has been equipped with the new BIOS since October 2009, and now the PIP10 family receives the update to the new BIOS core as well.

The following is a list of the PIP10 family members which receive the update:
  PIP7-11,   PIP8-11,   PIP9-11,   PIP10-1,   PIP11-1,   PIP9-1E,   PIP10-1E,   PIP11-1E

Please note that at the beginning of November 2010, the new BIOS was released for production, meaning after that date, every standard PIP is shipped with the new BIOS.

However, for existing projects where it may be undesirable to have any change in BIOS versions, it is still possible to get the old BIOS version loaded. Please just mention the desired BIOS version in your order. Systems ordered without a specific note of the BIOS version will automatically receive the newest BIOS version.

Existing customized BIOS versions are not affected by the update and remain unchanged, of course. They are only updated upon request. For further questions or other information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For detailed information please see the new PIP BIOS User Manuals (V2.00).

CEC - New innovative product line from MPL - October 2010

MPL launches a new, innovative, ultra compact, computer product line called

Compact Embedded Computers (CEC)

The solutions are developed around the Intel Atom Z5x0PT processor and Intel PoulsboXL US15WPT chip set. At only 62 x 162 x 118 mm in size - equates to less than half PIP size - this computer includes features as: several Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, serial ports (RS232 or RS422/485), PS/2 and DVI-D.

Nevertheless the system is based on the MPL typical product characteristics like robustness, highest reliability, long term availability, low power consumption, as well as the capability to use it in the extended temperature range. The units require no fan or heat pipes and have no internal wiring. Therefore the systems work maintenance free and can be mounted in all positions.

- Ultra compact systems without any wiring
- Fanless solutions for extended temperature -40°C to +85°C (by design)
- Robust aluminum housings with stainless steel front plates
- Low power embedded designs
- Long-term availability guarantee
- Possibility for customized design and functionality

The new developed devices of the Compact Embedded Computer product line can be used in many areas as e.g. industry, maritime, railways, and automation. We look forward to enter in your markets with this innovative products.

For further details please contact

25 years after first introduction MPL restarts the production - September 2010

25 years ago, we designed an OEM product called MPL 4029-LAS based around the MPL4029-1. The board has been used as controller for an Eye Laser. The last boards were sold in 1999. About 5 weeks ago we received the following question from our long time customer.

"Can you produce another batch of the controller, as the Laser is still widely in use and their customers require spare parts?".

After a short verification of the production documents and our component stock, we could confirm that we are able to make another production run. 25 years after the first sale!

This is what MPL understands under long-term availability!

QNX 6.4.1 & 6.5.0 BSP for PIP20 and PIP22 - August 2010

For our powerful and flexible embedded computer platform with Intel Core Duo processor we now can offer QNX support. Triadem Solutions AG the official QNX Distributor & Reseller in Switzerland developed for us a Board-Support-Package for our PIP20 platform boards, therefore with immediate effect a

This BSP allows, together with the free QNX Momentics Development Environment, to generate an application specific PIP20 platform QNX image.

Supported features/devices:
  • Graphics with Photon (DVI and LVDS)
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • Serial RS232
  • PS/2 for mouse and keyboard
  • IDE and SATA ports for mass storage

QNX is a reliable, well known Real Time OS. Together with the PIP, we can offer a powerful robust solution for time critical applications.

For further details please contact or

New: 3 years warranty on all standard MPL board products - June 2010

After 25 successful years in business , MPL looked back and reviewed the error statistics of our products. Based on our high product quality, we could identify only a few quality issues in our records.

Therefore as a 25th anniversary present for all our customers, MPL offers new an extended warranty period of 3 years for all our standard board products!

This additional value is offered free of charge. Excluded from this additional warranty are integrated 3rd party parts like memory, flash/hard disks or other add-on modules.

The new three year warranty is applicable on all standard MPL board products we deliver from now on.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your trust during the past 25 years. We are looking forward to serve you in the coming years.

For further details please contact

HSRAID-1 - Hot swap capable RAID expansion for PIP20 platform - April 2010

The new solution is a user friendly and easy possibility to create a hot swap capable RAID system inside the PIP housing. Hot swapping means replacing a HDD without interruption to the system and without shutting down the system perfect to build a RAID1 array.

The HSRAID-1 consists of a PCB backplane where the two HDDs are plugged in, internal SATA cables and the additional mechanics including two HDD drawers.

The option fits inside a PIP83 or PIP120 housing.

Product highlights:
• Solution for hat swap capable RAID1 array
• Improved reliability and availability of data
• ONo tool required for exchanging HDD
• Use of any 2.5" SATA-disk
• Free space for additional PC/104 cards

For further product details please visit our Hot swap capable RAID expansion page.

SDLD - Dual display expansion for PIP20 platform - March 2010

The new released module works on the Core Duo PIPs (PIP20 and PIP22) as interface between the on-board available SDVO (Serial Digital Video Out) connector and an additional 2nd digital graphic output port.

We designed this module due to an increased demand for a second graphic output in various PIP applications. With this module, that is similar to the DLD for the PIP10 platform, an easy expansion within the PIP housing is possible.

Depending on the application, the two displays can be identical or totally different (size, resolution & type).

• Product highlights:
• Different display content (Dual Independent Display)
• Identical display content (Display Clone)
• One expanded Desktop
• Resolution of each monitor up to 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)

For product details please visit our Dual Display Expansion page.

New MPL company video - January 2010

Right on time to our 25th anniversary, we can present you our first MPL company video. This short movie (2:30 min) gives you a good overview about us. You can see what we are doing, our facilities, and which people stand behind the brand MPL AG.

Got curious?
- Click here to see our MPL company video in English
- Click here to see our MPL company video in German

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