MPL AG Newsletter July 2019
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MPL AG Newsletter July 2019

Swap-C Mission Control Computer with 1553, ARINC 429, and CAN
Swap-C Mission Control Computer
Valued reader,

MPL AG designed a SWaP-C Mission Computer with typical aircraft interfaces like 1553, ARINC, CAN, 12 serial ports and 24 DIOs. The solution is installed in a compact IP67 housing with a total of ten MIL connectors.

The Mission Control Computer is a light weight and compact solution to interface with different bus systems, instruments and measurement systems. For the solution, embedded Intel CPUs (i7 or Xeon) out of the embedded roadmap are being used, as well as other long-term available components. This ensures long-term availability (10+ years), but also long-time repair capability (typically 20+ years after introduction). The design of the CPU board is done such, that all heat generating parts are directly mounted/connected to the compact chromated and powder coated aluminum housing. This concept provides the best passive cooling and avoids the need of sensitive heat pipes. The PIP Family used in mission control computers and servers, is explicitly designed to withstand extreme environment conditions.

The input power of the solution will support the various required MIL-STD. Input power ranges from 9-36VDC, optionally any other voltage (e.g. 110V aircraft power) can be implemented. For the typical input power variations and interrupts on vehicles & airplanes, a MPL designed a rugged UPS system (BOLERO) can be integrated. The UPS can be operated at -40°C up to +75°C. The complete system is also available for extended temperature without the need of a fan.

Included and externally accessible in this specific presented solution are: four channels of 1553, six channels of ARINC 429, 24 DIO (input/output), maintenance connector with DVI, CRT, USB & CAN , two GigE ports, and twelve RS232/422/485 ports. The described system is a semi-custom solution that can be operated in extended temperature, mounted in any direction, is fanless and rugged enough to withstand shock and vibration even for flight approval (DO-160).
Swap-C Mission Control Computer

Quick Prototype Solution
Technically the same setup can be offered as quick prototype and for feasibility studies, for developing SW without the need of long lead times and costly prototypes. After approval and verification on the desk, the same solution with the same boards can be embedded in an IP67 housing with 38999 connectors, or as open frame version for integration in an existing enclosure or cabinet. The solution is designed to meet the MIL-STD-810G, DO-160 standards according its applications. A real SWaP-C solution.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Your MPL team

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