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Nov 2019 - New Smallest Engineered Firewall / Router / AP for tough Environments

Oct 2019 - The latest Fanless Embedded Computer Solution with 9th Gen Intel CPU

Jun 2019 - The extreme rugged Computer Solution with 8th & 9th Gen Intel CPU

May 2019 - Rugged Fanless Xeon Server Solution with up to 16 Cores

Dec 2018 - Swap-C Mission Control Computer with 1553, ARINC 429, and CAN

Oct 2018 - Managed Rugged Gigabit Switch Solution for your Extreme Environment

Aug 2018 - Unique 19" Xeon Server for use in EN50155 Railway Applications

Aug 2018 - Rugged conductive cooled GPGPU Computer with 768-CUDA cores

Jun 2018 - Next Gen Managed Rugged Gigabit Switch Solution with 10 to 28 Ports

Mar 2018 - Rugged Conductive Cooled Xeon Server Solution up to 128GB ECC DDR4

Jan 2018 - Embedded Computer with i7 Quad Core now with QNX 7.0 Support

Dec 2017 - Rugged Vision Computer with Integrated PoE and UPS

Nov 2017 - Compact M12 8-Port Managed Switch for Rugged Environments

Nov-2017 - Unique Xeon Server Designed for use in Extreme Temperature Ranges

Sep 2017 - Compact Embedded Computer now with EN50155 Class Tx Certification

Aug 2017 - Fanless 18.5" Wide Screen Panel-PC for Rugged Environments

Jun 2017 - New rugged fanless Xeon Server Solution with up to 16 Cores

May 2017 - Boxed Rugged 5-Port and 8-Port Managed Gigabit Switch

Apr 2017 - Managed 10-Port Gigabit Open Frame Switch with 2 SFP+ 10Gbit Ports

Jan 2017 - Introducing unique Expansion Concept for Rugged Embedded Computer

Dec 2016 - Rugged Embedded Vehicle Computer with "E" Approval

Nov 2016 - Fanless MXM /GPGPU Graphics Expansion for Rugged Embedded Computer

Oct 2016 - Fanless i7 Quad Core Embedded Computer now EN50155 Railway Certified

Jun 2016 - Universal & rugged 10-port managed 10Gbit Switch

Mar 2016 - Rugged and reliable Intel i7 Solution with long-term availability

Nov 2015 - Modular and Flexible Embedded Computer Solution

Sep 2015 - Modular, Long-term available 19inch Rack Solution

Jun 2015 - Compact Computer Solution with multiple XMC, PMC, and mPCIe Modules

Apr 2015 - Rugged Embedded Computer with integrated PoE

Feb 2015 - Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switch Solution - Swiss Made

Nov 2014 - Fanless Quad Core i7 Solution for Rugged Environments

Aug 2014 - EN50155 Certified Compact Embedded Industrial PC

Jul 2014 - Swiss Made Intel® Atom™ (BayTrail) Rugged Embedded Computer

Mar 2014 - Fanless 21" Wide Screen Panel-PC for rugged environments

Dec 2013 - UPS System for Rugged Embedded Computers

Oct 2013 - EN50155 certified Core i7 embedded Computer for Railway Applications

Jul 2013 - Compact Open Frame GigE Firewall and VPN Router

Feb 2013 - Fanless Panel PC with wide Temperature Range and high Brightness

Dec 2012 - EN50155 Certified Firewall/Router for Railway Applications

Nov 2012 - 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ Solution for the rugged environment

Aug 2012 - New Industrial PC with Intel® Atom™ CPU
for long-term projects and with wide temperature range

Small Rugged Embedded Computer with low power consumption

GUARD-F1 – the new Ethernet product line by MPL

CEC – New innovative product line from MPL
Ultra Compact Embedded Computer for extreme applications

Embedded Computer now with with QNX support
Intel Core 2 Duo processor for rugged applications and long term projects

One Embedded Core Duo Computer controls two displays
Dual Independent Display and Display Clone possible

MPL celebrates its 25th anniversary
Design and production of durable electronics solutions for a quarter of a century

Rugged Triple Gigabit Ethernet Cards
PC/104-Plus modules with 3 Gigabit Ethernet controllers

Small, Rugged and Flexible Ethernet Media Converter
Easy Copper-to-Fiber Conversion with flexible SFPs

Fanless Core 2 Duo Power system
The solution for harsh applications and long-term projects

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