History of MPL AG


With the PIP40, MPL presents the Rugged Embedded Computer Family with the 8th Generation Intel processors. Decades of experience in developing and producing extremely robust embedded solutions have made the PIP40 Family possible. When the 9th Generation CPUs from Intel become available, the same basic PIP40 platform can be used.


µMAGBES - next generation Managed Rugged Gigabit Switch Solution with 10 to 28 ports. The new solution is designed according MPL's design philosophy which includes; long-term availability, extended temperature capability, flexibility, and low power requirements.


Introduction of MPL's new Embedded Server Solution with fanless Intel© Xeon® Processor. The MXCS is a high performance, low power and highly integrated rugged Embedded Server, built in a special designed aluminum or MIL IP67 housing and allows to operate in a moderate or harsh environment without fan or air vents.


Introduction of a the new MAXBES, a Managed Rugged 10-port Gigabit Switch with 2 SFP+ 10Gbit ports. The eight 1GBit ports are either available as eight RJ45 copper or four RJ45 copper and four 1GBit SFP. The open frame version also offers lockable headers instead of RJ45. The product can be operated at -20°C to 60°C and optionall up to +70°C.


MPL AG created a combination of the two products, a new Vision Server that can be used in harsh environments. This Vision Solution comes with up to eight individual GigE ports on RJ45 or M12, and four of the GigE ports are available with PoE+, ideal to add cameras.


The new CEC10 Family of Rugged Compact Computers Intel Atom E3800 Processor was introduced. The solution is available in various chassis, a compact aluminum housing with DIN-Rail or flange mount, a rugged MIL IP67 case, or as open frame with a cooling plate. The CEC10 solution can be operated at temperatures up to -40°C to +85°C.


Introduction of the PIP39, a Rugged Embedded Computer with fanless Intel Quad Core i7 Processor. The PIP39 has been designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperature conditions. The special rugged design, combined with the best industrial-grade components, offer high reliability and long-term performance.


New Rugged Embedded Computer Solution with Intel Core i7 and Celeron Processor. The PIP30 Product Family is a high performance, low power and highly integrated rugged Embedded Computer, with various expansion possibilities and can be operated up to with -40°C to 75°C without a fan.


Introduction of MPL´s "Extreme Compact Embedded Computers" (CEC), based on the industrial grade Intel Atom processors Z5x0PT and the US15WPT chipset. These ultra compact, robust, and completely fanless systems, are designed for industrial temperature -40° up to +85°C.


The PIP20 platform based on the Intel low power embedded Core Duo CPU and the Intel 945GME Chipset was introduced. The platform is a additional step in CPU power and is still based on the unique PIP concept.


A new rugged up to IP67 protected military and outdoor housing for the PIP family was designed. It allows the use of all PIP boards in harsh environment for applications with specific needs for highest reliable embedded PCs.


MPL presented the PIP10 platform that is based around the Intel low power Pentium M / Celeron M CPUs and the Intel 855GME Chipset. The solution expands and continues the PIP family. New Firewire interfaces are available on-board, replacing SCSI.


Introduction of the fanless PANEL PIP concept to the market. It includes displays from 6" up to 19", touch displays, and the integration of the robust and reliable PIP CPU boards. The concept is as flexible and universal as the PIPs. The housings come in aluminum as well as stainless steel. All systems are fanless and some are even available in extended temperature range.


Development of peripheral boards in various form factors (PC/104, PC104-Plus) with highest reliability and for the extended temperature range.


AOS Technologies was founded as part of the HT-Holding AG. AOS Technologies AG manufactures high speed cameras and accessories for high speed imaging applications. MPL AG is the HW developer and producer of the AOS high speed camera.


Introduction of the PIP concept to the market. The target was to eliminate costly and error-prone wiring. The complete solution is built in a housing which is robust, expandable and flexible. The aim was to produce a rugged, fanless and long term available product. Therefore, the PIP solution is an alternative to bus oriented solutions on the market.


Introduction of the MIP board concept with various SBC boards and technologies around Motorola, PowerPC, ARM and Intel processors. The key facts of the boards are the compactness, lowest power consumption, capability to withstand extended temperature requirement as well as long term availability.


The sister company MPI Distribution AG was founded as part of the HT-Holding AG. MPI Distribution AG is a distribution company for electronic systems and components. MPI is responsible for the sales of MPL products in Switzerland.


MPL AG became a member of HT-Holding AG, and BIBUS Holding AG.


The company developed and started producing PC Card reader/writers for desktop and 3.5 inch open frame versions. The solution included SCSI as well as serial interfaces. MPL was the pioneer in PC Card readers. The products are called MCDISK and MCRW.


The MPL 4000 product range was developed and introduced to the market, a solution with the lowest possible power consumption, capable of supporting extended temperature needs. The products were based around the G-64/96 Gespac bus technology and came in 3U form factor. The product family included various CPU boards with Motorola processors, many peripheral boards as well as specific system solutions.


MPL AG Elektronik-Unternehmen was founded by Rudolf Hug, taking over a former manufacturer of microprocessor boards.

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