Company at a Glance
Company: MPL AG Elektronik-Unternehmen
Founded: 1985
Location: CH-5405 D├Ąttwil, Switzerland
Quality Management: ISO 9001 (certified by BUREAU VERITAS)
Business Type: Small business, 100% self-financed and a fully independent
DUNS Code: 48-257-2898
Target Markets: Military, Aerospace, Railway, Maritime, Industry
Products: Rugged Embedded Computers, MIL-COTS, Fanless Panel Computes, Embedded CPU boards, Rugged peripherals, Industrial Networking
Services: Designing & Manufacturing of embedded computer and micro-controller hardware for rugged environment, extended temperature range and with long term availability.
Parent Companies: HT-Holding AG, BIBUS Holding AG
Sister Companies: AOS Technologies AG, MPI Distribution AG, Elsoft AG
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