Railway Applications


Customized Firewall for Railways application (µGUARD)

Firewall for internal train network and secure separation of passenger network.

  • µGUARD is a 100% replacement of the former GUARD-F12
  • Over 550 pcs GUARD-F12 supplied in the past 10 years
  • Shock and vibration tests according to EN61373
  • EN50155 class Tx Certification
  • Fire Protection Certification EN (TS) 45545-2:2009
  • Electromagnetic Compliance EN50121-3-2
  • Small dimensions and low weight
  • Delivery incl. Declarations of Conformity


Powerline Inspection System

  • Pantograph measurement system to measure the quality of the high voltage lines
  • Open Frame CEC14-1H1 (header version ) to install in existing compartment
  • Capable of handling severe shock & vibration
  • Operational at environment temperature -40°C to +75°C
  • Designed to meet EN50155

Railways track measuring System

  • Customized Freescale board that withstands the rugged environment on a train system
  • Long-term availability (supplies 15 years)
  • Shock & vibration proof
  • Extended temperature capability
  • Meeting the EN50155 standards

Train Anti collision system

  • PIP 6 in extended temperature (-40°C up to +75°C)
  • Long-term availability, flexible I/O concept
  • Meeting the EN50155 Railways standard
  • Design-in support
  • Reliability as well as robustness are key in security system installed on a train

Rail monitoring System

  • Ultrasonic Rail inspection system
  • Measurement at 100 km/hour across Europe
  • Rugged PIP on train
  • Shock & vibration proof
  • Extended temperature
  • Designed to meet EN50155

Vandalism Monitoring in buses, trains, and street cars

  • Monitoring of passenger with frame grabber and camera
  • Wireless monitoring entrance of passenger at stations
  • e1 type certification Flensburg
  • Key points: reliability, ruggedness and long-term availability

Mobile Laboratory on roof of streetcar

  • System collects data about air quality along the route through city and urban areas.
  • The PIP7 is running under Linux and used to control the system and collecting the data.
  • Interfaces: 20 relay outputs, 20 optoisolated inputs, 4 RS232, CAN-Bus, etc...
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