Transportation Applications


Rugged Xeon Server controls and regulates traffic

The system is used to regulate traffic. The server receives data from video cameras and visualizes the data. The unit is mounted on a road pole in a special 19" rack.

  • Takes data from video cameras and visualizes the data
  • Mounted on poles next to crossings (19" rack)
  • Integrated HW RAID
  • IPMI, 2x 10Gbps ports for fiber or copper
  • Operation at extended temperature
  • Convection cooled, dust protection
  • Long term availability
  • Xeon D-1548, 2x 256GB SSD, 4x 2TB HDD, IPMI, 4x 1GB Ethernet, 2x 10GB Ethernet


Communication Router

  • Built in fire brigades vehicles
  • Inter communication between different Fire Brigades (or Defense)
  • Rugged, Extended Temperature
  • Long term availability

Autonomous Transport System

  • 8-port network switch with M12
  • Most rugged solution in the market
  • Sensors are connected on the switch
  • 9 x M12 connector on smallest space
  • All ports are Gigabit capable
  • Works with 5-36VDC

Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier

  • TX2FX Media converter
  • Real-time search for gamma neutron sources
  • One click to identify radioisotopes
  • Easy one-hand, one-touch operation
  • Rugged design for harsh conditions
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C

License plate recognition system

  • PIP22 with SSD and 3GB DDR2
  • Reliability, extended temperature capability
  • Long-term availability
  • Long-term serviceability
  • Testimonial of the customer:
    We are extremely happy with the PIPs and reduced the maintenance budget by 50%, because these things never fail!

Oil Exploration

  • PIP is mounted externally on the truck chassis
  • PIP11-1 with CAN expansion, formerly a PIP 8-1
  • All parts in extended temperature
  • Reliability and robustness, as it is being used on truck out in the dessert next to oilfield, is essential and a must

Control PC for refueling truck

  • Control PC with touch on airfield refuleing trucks
  • Complete IP65 protected 12" Panel-PC with integrated PIP7-11, WLAN interface and UPS system
  • Ruggedness and long-term support

Open Mine Collision Avoidance System

  • Used worldwide
  • PIP19 with frame-grabber, SSD & customized connectors
  • Supports up to 6 cameras, high-res monitor
  • Fanless & compact system
  • Closed system due to iron dust

Ticketing system in Buses

  • Public Transport fare collection
  • Accepts Magnetic Cards and Smart Cards
  • Linux Operating System
  • Special BIOS solution (Postscreen)
  • Specific carrier board designed and produced by MPL
  • SW support for all drivers by MPL

Remote control of Raw Material Transportation

  • Remote Control and Monitoring
  • Built into Bulldozer
  • Industrial PC (PIP 5) for a very rugged Environment

Speeding controller Marocco

  • CEC7-10 with XTEST-2 and automotive HDD
  • Resistant against heat
  • Extremely compact
  • No internal wiring
  • Robust as system is mobile
  • Long-term availability

Cheese Distribution in cooled sales van

  • PIP5 with integrated LCD, Flash disk and dual PC Card Reader
  • Low Power, 8°C, 70 -80% humidity, shock & vibration resistant

Finger Dock control

  • PIP6 used in a finger dock
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