Test & Measurement Applications


Avionics & Defense Application
Real-Time Data Acquisition Test Set

  • Rugged embedded i7 CPU
  • Integrated UPS system
  • ARINC 429 and 1553 interfaces on XMC
  • Digital I/Os galvanic isolated
  • Analog 12bit I/Os
  • IP67 housing with 8x D-38999 connectors
  • SWaP-C (296 x 220 x 103mm)


Onboard Computer for a stratospheric balloon

The CEC14 is responsible for all data collected by the balloon in the stratosphere at an elevation up to 45km.

  • Compact Atom Computer / Quad Cores
  • Linux OS
  • Each unit tested in climate camber at -40°C up +85°C
  • Supplied as Open Frame solution (for easy integration in existing cabinet)
  • Long term availability and serviceability


Weeding without Chemicals with MPL

  • Solution is able to weed at a distance of only a few centimeters close to the crop row
  • i7 Quad Core embedded computer (PIP39)
  • 4 x PoE to connect 4 LAN cameras with integrated lights
  • Integrated UPS system
  • Galvanic isolated, fanless

Powerline Inspection System

  • Pantograph measurement system to measure the quality of the high voltage lines
  • Open Frame CEC14-1H1 (header version ) to install in existing compartment
  • Capable of handling severe shock & vibration
  • Operational at environment temperature -40°C to +75°C
  • Designed to meet EN50155

Flow Components Process Equipment

  • Production of dairy food and beverage
  • Embedded Computer using SoftPLC with fieldbus & complete integration from ERP to plant sensor
  • Fanless PIP32, Multiple PROFIBUS, different types of serial interfaces
  • Customized OEM look and feel

Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier

  • TX2FX Media converter
  • Real-time search for gamma neutron sources
  • One click to identify radioisotopes
  • Easy one-hand, one-touch operation
  • Rugged design for harsh conditions
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C

License plate recognition system

  • PIP22 with SSD and 3GB DDR2
  • Reliability, extended temperature capability
  • Long-term availability
  • Long-term serviceability
  • Testimonial of the customer:
    We are extremely happy with the PIPs and reduced the maintenance budget by 50%, because these things never fail!

Airborne Sensor control and data logging system

  • 3D laser measurements of the earth´s surface
  • Used in helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts
  • Standard PIP11 with flange, mounted on shock absorbing platform
  • The PIP manages and controls the "Light Detection and Ranging unit" and acts as data logger during airborne missions

Smart Media Boxfiber to copper conversion

  • Measured data recorded by a high-voltage "Partial Discharge and Diagnostics System" is sent via fiber optic (galvanic isolated, potential free) to a desktop analysis PC
  • Use of TX2FX Ethernet Media converter in compact Smart Media Box
  • Device is powered via an additional USB port

Maintenance Monitoring

  • Used worldwide in Steel plants, on Ships, on Oilriggs, in Tunnels...
  • Customized PIP 11 and specific housing
  • Integration of Firewall, fibre optical IO distribution as well as installation of customer application SW
  • Reliability, flexibility, compactness

Speeding controller Marocco

  • CEC7-10 with XTEST-2 and automotive HDD
  • Resistant against heat
  • Extremely compact
  • No internal wiring
  • Robust as system is mobile
  • Long-term availability

Control PC in transport vehicle

  • PIP8 is used as Control-PC in a transport vehicle to place 34 tons heavy pipes at their precise position (+/-1mm tolerance)

Ultrasonic pipeline inspection robot

  • Inspection during full operation of the pipeline
  • Records by ultrasonic wall thickness, cracks, caliper and pipeline mapping data
  • MIP405 works as embedded server in a multiprocessor network
  • Offers up to 40GB Flash-disk as mass-storage
  • Requires rugged, extended temperature design

Seismic Data Recording

  • A Linux PC connected to a seismic digitizer and recording seismic waveforms. The picture shows the digitizer which is connected to a seismometer that measures the seismic signals.
  • PIP6-1 with SUSE LINUX

Analyzing of infrared Spectrometer Data

  • Development of customized I/O card
  • 16 Relays-Outputs, 32 Digital Inputs
  • Current-loop in-/outputs
  • Integrated in Dual Core PIP solution
  • Linux and PLC SW
  • Long-term availability and reliability
  • Fanless

Geodetic Fault Monitoring

  • A number of requirements were the reason for choosing the PIP-5 computer produced by MPL
  • The system needs to have a low power consumption
  • The system must be compact and easy to transport
  • The system must work autonomously for long time periods (1/2 year or more)

Meteorological Data Logging

  • The data for temperature, rainfall, wind, thunder storms etc. are collected and stored on a hard disc. Up to ten sensors with serial RS232 interfaces are connected to PIP6 e.g.. ultra sonic sensors for wind speed measuring
  • extended temperature operation, extreme low power consumption remote LCD-Interface

Monitoring System for wind farms

  • Remote monitoring of wind turbines to reduce maintenance cost.
  • The PIP6 communicates directly to the turbine controller and collects data (machine condition, vibration, etc.).
  • Remote data access possible, allowing to schedule maintenance.
  • Key points: high reliability, fanless design

PIP used in Mining Machine (explosion protected area)

  • The PIP7 is the main processing unit in a de-centralized I/O-concept, communicating over Profibus-DP.
  • All components have to be fanless since the cabinet is completely isolated without any air flow.
  • Key points: fanless design, low power consumption, extended temperature up to +75°C, flexible I/O-concept.
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