Maritime Applications


Maritime, Communication - Rugged managed 14-port 1 Gbit switch operational at 1000 under sea level

  • Built into self-contained, battery powered remotely operated vehicle
  • 10x copper ports
  • 4x fiber ports
  • Solution is extremely flexible and universal
  • Extended temperature requirement
  • Low power consumption


Rugged Managed 16-Port Gbit Switch for Ship command & communication

  • 12 & 16-Port rugged 1Gbps LAN switches
  • 12 & 16 individual GigE ports each on D-38999 connector
  • Customized IP67 housing
  • Fully manageable over Web Interface or Telnet
  • Long term available switch (+10 years)
  • Intensive MIL-STD-810 verification
  • Extended temperature operation at -40°C to +85°C
  • Only 9 W power consumption


Maritime & Defense Application
User training on the Ship

On board U.S. Navy ships to conduct user training sessions during sailing

  • Rugged server with embedded Xeon CPU with 8 cores
  • 2U rack mount chassis
  • Multiple Ethernet ports
  • 10GigE ports for fast data transfer
  • Compatible with VMware, EXSi


Submarine Engine Control Station

The redundant server controls the engine management of a submarine.

  • Intel Xeon D-1548 (8 Core, 16 Threads, 2,0 GHz, 12MB Cache)
  • 128 GB DDR4 ECC Memory, RDIMM with cooling mechanism
  • Fanless
  • RAID Controller
  • 4x GigE on M12 (lockable)
  • 3x USB on M12 (lockable)
  • OS Linux
  • Long term availability
  • Meet or exceed MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, EN60068...


MAXBES-200 Open Frame Switch

Providing best secure protection of the ship network

  • Compliant with naval environment
  • Copper & fiber ports
  • 10GB SFP+ interfaces
  • Supplied as Open Frame solution
  • Extended temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Conformal coating
  • Long term availability


Remote Control of Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)
redundant system with 2x PIP39

The redundant PIP39 are responsible for remote controlling the boat. All data is analyzed, calculated and displayed by the PIP39.

  • Remote Control of an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)
  • Redundant system with 2x PIP39
  • Convection cooled (fanless)
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Operation at extended temperature
  • Systems and board ground are separated (isolated)


Sensor Monitoring for Submarines

  • TSMS - Total Ship Monitoring System
  • Copper & Fiber sensors report shipboard anomalies to main control computer
  • 440 units per Submarine
  • MAGBES Open Frame 5-ports Switch with copper and fiber ports

Shipboard Power Control

  • Control of power distribution on Navy Ships
  • Removable drives
  • Fully approved for U.S. Navy shipboard operations
  • PIP32 (HMI) Human Machine Interface
  • PIP38 (EPDR) Enhanced Performance Data Recorder

Boat Navigation with MPL Embedded Computer

  • PIP32 serial ports for navigation
  • Sound and WiFi
  • Key points: low power consumption, withstands humidity, shock & vibration resistant
  • Experience with former MPL PIP product since 2008
  • Free of charge support over the years

Remote maintenance Monitoring

  • Used worldwide on luxury ships
  • Customized PIP11 and specific housing
  • Integration of MPL firewall, fiber optical IO distribution, as well as installation of customer application software
  • Reliability, flexibility, compactness

Customized small Panel-PC on sailing yacht

  • Small compact Panel-PC with MIP10, 6.5" LCD, LED backlight, and sensitive touch screen
  • Powerful device with lowest power consumption as units are powered via Ethernet
  • Used as room controllers for operating lighting, air-conditioning, and shades, as well as displaying yacht information, charts, and cameras.

Network security on Ships

  • Used worldwide on ships & oil platforms
  • GUARD Firewall with OEM housing
  • OpenWRT OS for firewall
  • Firewall setup according customers requirement
  • Reliability, temperature range, compactness

Navigation System for Military & Commercial boats

  • Use of various PIP systems for data acquisition, navigation, and visualisation
  • Up to 3 OSCI boards used inside one PIP-System
  • Runs under the real time OS QNX
  • IEC60945 certification done by MPL

Navigation & Weight Shifting on high speed Trimaran

  • PIP9 with 24 serial lines for navigation
  • PIP8 for the weight control
  • Key points: low power consumption, withstands humidity, shock & vibration resistant
  • IEC60945 certification

Remote maintenance Monitoring

  • Used worldwide on oil platforms
  • Customized CEC and specific housing
  • Integration fiber optical IO
  • Installation and setup of customer application software
  • Reliability, temperature range, compactness

Winch Control System for fishing vessel

  • Deck Machinery based on High Pressure Hydraulic Trawling-Systems
  • Computerized Control and Monitoring
  • Industrial PC (PIP 5) for a very rugged Environment

Automatic, Short Range Positioning

  • Control of Microwave Antenna for precise positioning of vessels
  • Built into Antenna Housing
  • Extreme Temperature Range
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