Human Machine Interface (HMI) Applications


Customized small Panel-PC on sailing yacht

  • Small compact Panel-PC with MIP10, 6.5" LCD, LED backlight, and sensitive touch screen
  • Powerful device with lowest power consumption as units are powered via Ethernet
  • Used as room controllers for operating lighting, air-conditioning, and shades, as well as displaying yacht information, charts, and cameras.

Desktop Panel-PC

  • Thin Client aluminum Panel-PC with open cable chute on back
  • 12" LCD with XGA resolution & touch screen
  • Fanless, noiseless PIP10-2
  • Some units equipped with an MPL integrated Ethernet Media converter - copper to fiber optic
  • Longterm support and availability were key

Control PC for refueling truck

  • Control PC with touch on airfield refuleing trucks
  • Complete IP65 protected 12" Panel-PC with integrated PIP7-11, WLAN interface and UPS system
  • Ruggedness and long-term support

Stock Market Telephone Screen

  • Aluminum Panel PIP with 12inch display and touch
  • Fanless & noiseless, functionality
  • Excellent readability with high viewing angles
  • uses only little space, flexibility of MPL & unit

Data Entry System in Operating Room

  • Stainless steel Panel PIP (PIP9 with 19" display)
  • Fanless & noiseless with power full CPU
  • IP65 (Front, side, as well as back)
  • Low power design

Cheese Distribution in cooled sales van

  • PIP5 with integrated LCD, Flash disk and dual PC Card Reader
  • Low Power, 8°C, 70 -80% humidity, shock & vibration resistant

Ticketing system in Buses

  • Public Transport fare collection
  • Accepts Magnetic Cards and Smart Cards
  • Linux Operating System
  • Special BIOS solution (Postscreen)
  • Specific carrier board designed and produced by MPL
  • SW support for all drivers by MPL

Special LVDS Interface for QVGA panel

  • Development of Driver Awareness System
  • Key points: compactness, ruggedness, and flexibility of the PIP, and capability for custom developed LVDS interfaces
  • PIP and other required equipment was built in the trunk without any shock absorbers. The panel is integrated in the dash board
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