Brownout and Load Dump protection
module with UPS functionality

Brownout and Load Dump protection (BOLD-1)


The "Brownout and Load Dump module" (BOLD-1) protects the PIP in case of sudden input voltage changes, as well as by unexpected interrupts. The module keeps the PIP or Panel-PC system operational and prevents data loss or damage even if the input power is not stable.

A Brownout is if the input voltage level goes unexpected below the minimum level specified for the system. A Dropout specifies the unexpected loss of input power for milliseconds to seconds or minutes.

The BOLD module prevents that the system in case of a brownout or dropout event is not immediately and unregulated switched off. Instead, the input power supply is immediately switched to an additional battery to carry on the normal operation. In case the regular input power does not recover within a useful time, the module will do a controlled shut down of the computer via the standard serial UPS signals.

A Load dump occurs mostly in vehicles and refers to what happens to the supply voltage when a load is removed. If a load is removed rapidly, it can generate over voltage peaks which apply for a few ms before the voltage is stabilized again. The BOLD module protects the system from such peaks. The maximum allowable transient can reach up to 80V.

In addition to the above function, the BOLD module also offers Reverse Input Voltage Protection up to -60V. Further a charger (designed for Lithium Polymer batteries) is present to recharge the battery. The LiPo battery can be used in a wide temperature range from -20°C up to +60°C.


The BOLD works with standard UPS drivers. The idea of the BOLD is to protect the system from short power supply interrupts and to allow a clean shut-down of the operating system.

The runtime on battery power is relatively short (5-10min typical), but sufficient to bring an auxiliary power source online, or to properly shut down the protected system.

Suitable for

The BOLD-1 module can be used on all Celeron M, Pentium M, and Core Duo based PIPs equipped with the Serial 4 SERIF module headers. For example it works on all PIP7-11, PIP10-1, and PIP22-1.


1. Loss of optional Serial 4 port
The BOLD-1 occupies the optional serial 4 port for RS232/422/485 via SERIF module. Therefore with the BOLD-1, only one additional SERIF module can be used.

2. Charging is only allowed between 0°C and 40°C
Due to the specification of the battery, charging is only allowed between 0°C and 40°C battery temperature, therefore the BOLD controller monitors the temperature. During discharge, the operating temperature can be higher/lower.

3. Minimal housing size required for internal PIPBATT-4
PIP62-1: not possible as this housing is to small.
PIP83-1: minimal required housing for PIPBATT-4 solution, with space for up to two additional PC/104 or PC/104-Plus cards.
PIP120-1: with this housing, up to four additional PC/104 or PC/104-Plus can be installed along with the PIPBATT-4.


BOLD Versions

Reference Description
 The BOLD is the required controller module to build up this UPS unit.
BOLD-1 Brownout and Load Dump module for PIP10 and PIP20 platform. Detects voltage drop on input and looks for a safe shut down of the PIP. The module is installed on SERIF connector of serial 4. The solution requires an additional LiPoly-accumulator!
 For a proper operation the BOLD needs to be connected to a LiPoly-accumulator.
PIPBATT-4 LiPoly-Accumulator installed inside PIP, matches to BOLD-1. (11.1V, 1.5Ah)


Blockdiagram BOLD-1

[BOLD Blockdiagram]


The driver used for the BOLD is the open source driver "apcupsd" (see This driver has the advantage of being highly configurable and is available for different operating systems.

Operating System Remark
Linux The driver "apcupsd" is available in all majors distributions.
Windows The driver "winapcupsd" works with various Windows version*. It is available under

* Tested so far is Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux.


Product Description Doc Type Size  pdf File
BOLD-1 BOLD DatasheetEN Datasheet312.44 KBdownload
BOLD-1 BOLD User ManualEN Manual954.66 KBdownload
BOLD-1 BOLD-1 / PIPLD-1 Technical SpecificationsEN Manual56.13 KBdownload
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