Reverse voltage and load dump protection module


 PIP Option  CEC Option


This small module offers reverse input voltage protection up to -60V. If by accident the input voltage polarization is swapped, the complete PIP/CEC-System will be protected from damage!

In addition the module protects the system from fast transient input peaks up to +80V (so called load dumps).

A Load dump occurs mostly in vehicles and refers to what happens to the supply voltage when a load is removed. If a load is removed rapidly it can generate over voltage peaks for a few ms, before the voltage is stabilized again.


Suitable for

The PIPLD-1 module can be used together with all PIPs.

The PIP4x, PIP3x and the CEC10 Family have the reverse voltage protection already integrated on-board.


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PIPLD-1 BOLD-1 / PIPLD-1 Technical SpecificationsEN Manual56.13 KBdownload
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