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Question #366: I have a PIP system with builtin PIPVIN module but now I would like to restore the orginal input voltage range of the PIP. How can I disable the PIPVIN?
Answer: For systems without the galvanic isolated power option (PIPVIN-x), the PIPVIN can be disabled by following these steps:
  • disconnect all external cables from the PIP and open the top lid of the housing.
  • disconnect the cable connecting the PIP and the PIPVIN module.
  • remove the fuse from the PIPVIN module and insert it into the fuse holder on the PIP. If you prefer to use a new fuse, please make sure that a fuse with the correct rating is used.
  • close the top lid and correct the input voltage range on the product label.
  • REMEMBER to check the output voltage of the external power supply and adjust the voltage / replace the power supply if necessary!

For systems with the galvanic isolated power option (PIPVIN-xG), the above steps are not sufficient but additional modifications of the system board are required. In most cases, returning the system back to MPL will be the easiest way. Please contact MPL Sales for more info.
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