GPS module

With the serial port GPS module (SePS) you can easily add 12-channel GPS functionality to the PIP. The module is ideal for standard GPS applications such as tracking.
The module is based on the Lassen® iQ module that features two GPS signal sensitivity modes: Standard and Enhanced. With Enhanced mode enabled, the module automatically switches to higher sensitivity when satellite signals are weak. The module also supports TSIP download of critical startup information for fast acquisition. This aided GPS (A-GPS) startup provides hot start performance for each power-up. Further a rechargeable battery for RTC and data backup is placed on the module.
The GPS module is installed inside the PIP and directly connected to one of its serial ports. An antenna adapter cable to the PIP front is included. It can be mounted into every PIP housing without loosing space for additional PC/104-Plus and/or PC/104 cards.
For the antenna solution, we recommend to use one of our SePSANT options (depending on your requirements).

The combination of a PIP and SePS module is a complete, compact and clever solution for industrial applications that require GPS functionality.

Suitable for

The SePS module can be used in all PIPs that offer either a SERIF extension or RS422/RS485 module socket.


1. Loss of one serial port
The SePS module occupies one serial port.

2. Not usable on PIP10-2
As the PIP10-2 is a depopulated standard product of MPL that does not include the dual UART and SERIF module headers on board, no SePS module can be plugged on this product.

SePS Versions

Reference Description
SePS-2 GPS Module mounted on SERIF socket of the PIP and connected to one of the serial ports. 12-channel, 2-ports, 1PPS, differential GPS ready. Supports TSIP, TAIP & NMEA, with backup battery. Includes 10cm cable with bulkhead mountable SMA jack.
fits into all Celeron M, Pentium M, and CoreDuo solutions (antenna not included).
SePSANT-1 Miniature Magnetic Mount GPS Antenna, 16.4′ (5m) coax with SMA RF plug connector, environmentally sealed with magnet and 2 mounting screw holes.

Drivers / Software

The SePS module is based on the Lassen iQ receiver module from Trimble.

Driver/Software Description
GPS Receiver Monitor Application Sample Source Code for TSIP reader


Product Description Doc Type Size  pdf File
SePS SePS Software Configurator Instruction GuideEN Manual174.51 KBdownload
SePS SePS-1 Application Note for PIP7/8EN Manual59.94 KBdownload
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