Standard PMC slot extension for PIPs

With the PIPPMC baseboard up to three standard PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) modules can be mounted inside of the PIP. The customer gets the possibility to use robust standard PMC modules in a small hard packed embedded PC and benefits at the end from a integral compact, rugged, and reliable PC solution.

To give the user a maximum expansion flexibility, the solution offers sufficient space for an additional PC/104-Plus card even if the PIPPMC baseboard is stacked into the PIP with only 83mm heights.

The combination of PIP and PIPPMC is a complete, compact and clever system solution for harsh environment and mission critical applications. The added PMC slots in a fanless, rugged, small packed PC like the PIP offer new possibilities in defense, avionics and railway projects.

Suitable for

The PIPPMC-1 baseboard can be used in all PIPs equipped with the on board PC/104-Plus expansion connectors. For example, it works on PIP6-1, PIP8-1, PIP10-1, PIP11-1 just to name a few.


1. PIPPMC-1 baseboards Rev A always have to be operated as PC/104-Plus slot1 module
Due to a small design error, the first PIPPMC baseboards (Rev. A) can only be operated as Slot1 PC/104-Plus module. So an additional installed PC/104-Plus module has to be configured as Slot2 stack module, although it is insert on Slot1 of the PC/104-Plus stack of the PIP. This error does not influence the functionality of the PIPPMC or the added PC/104-Plus module.
2. Not usable on PIP10-2
As the PIP10-2 is a depopulated standard product of MPL that does not include the PC/104-Plus expansion connectors, the PIPPMC module can not be plugged on this product.

PIPPMC Versions

Reference Description
PIPPMC-1 PMC extension baseboard for the 82.5mm PIP allowing to install 3 PMC modules and one PC/104-Plus card
PMC-DC1 One ± 12V DC/DC converter equipped on PMC baseboard with ± 250mA for all 3 PMC slots
PMC-DC3 Three ± 12V DC/DC converters equipped on PMC baseboard offering ± 250mA for each PMC slot
PMC-HS1 Aluminum heatsink for one PMC module (conductive cooling) installed in PIP
PMC-Install Installation of PMC modules supplied by customer/distributor on the PIPPMC extension


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PIPPMC PIPPMC User ManualEN Manual641.08 KBdownload
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