High Definition Sound Modul (CEC10 / PIP30 & PIP40 Family)

 PIP Option  CEC Option

The HD Sound module converts the Intel HD Audio bus into the standard PC analog interface signals Line-In, Line-Out, Microphone In and Headphone Out. Also a 2 W stereo speaker output is available.


Features HDSound-2


Features HDSound-1



AC97 Sound Modul (PIP10 / PIP20)

SoundPAN-1 is designed for Products with an AC97 Interface. It is based on an AC97 Audio Codec, which features full duplex stereo ADCs, DACs, and analog mixers. If the SoundPAN-1 module is mounted in a PIP, "Stereo Line In", "Mono Microphone Input", "Stereo Line Out" and "Stereo Headphone" are available on the PIP-Front1. "Stereo CD In" and another "Stereo Aux In" are internal available. A small mono speaker is mounted onboard. This speaker turns off automatically by connecting a headphone or by connecting the Line Out jack. All external connectors are protected against ESD.

Audio Features


Product Description Doc Type Size  pdf File
HDSound HDSound User ManualEN Manual698.44 KBdownload
SoundPAN SoundPAN User ManualEN Manual553.49 KBdownload
SoundPAN SoundPAN Application NoteEN Technote183.46 KBdownload
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