Dual DVI & Dual HD-SDI Module

for the PIP40 Family Embedded Computers (eDPI2SDI)

Do you need video conversion? And the solution needs to be rugged, maybe even fanless, compact and with a long availability?
A difficult requirement!
µEPI Ethernet Power Injector
With the new SDI module, the PIP40 Family can now be equipped with a dual SDI output as well as a dual DVI output.

The features of the new expansion are:

The internal SDI expansion offers two independent HD-SDI outputs on 75Ohm BNC connectors. Simultaneously, the picture is displayed via DVI-D.

The SDI/DVI signal is supplied with content via the integrated graphics card „Intel UHD Graphics 630“ Channel A & B: DDI „Digital Display Interface”. Hence it will not occupy any of the internal expansion buses like m.2 and mPCIe.

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