TRIGET Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #382: Can the TRIGET card be used as a switch?
Answer: The TRIGET card is a network adapter card with (up to) 3 independent ethernet ports. There is no switching functionality implemented in hardware. To use the TRIGET card as a switch, the use of a software network stack implementing the desired functionality is mandatory.

If you are in need of a hardware based ethernet switch, the MAGBES may be more what you are looking for.

Question #368: Does the TRIGET supports the Intel "Teaming" feature?
Answer: Yes, with the correct Intel driver, "Teaming" is supported.

Question #364: Can this PC/104-Plus card also be used in a non PCI busmaster capable PC/104-Plus slot?
Answer: No. The interface chip this card is based on makes extensively use of the PCI busmastering feature. A  PC/104-Plus slot with working support for PCI busmastering is therefore mandatory for the correct operation of this card.

Question #349: Can this PC/104-Plus card also be used in a system with a PC/104 (ISA part) only stack?
Answer: No. As this card is based on one (or more) PCI interface chips, the use of a PC/104-Plus capable host system is mandatory. The main purpose to the provided PC/104 connector is to pass-through the ISA signals to allow the installation of additional PC/104 cards.
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