Manageable GigaBit Ethernet Switch (MAGBES-20)

Rugged 5/8 Port managed Gigabit Switch


The MAGBES Family consists of models matching your application needs. The five/eight ports can be equipped with RJ45 connectors or lockable headers of which two/four ports can be fiber. All ports have status LEDs, indicating the activity and speed of each port. The indication signals can also be accessed remote, same applies for reset and default setting.

The MAGBES solution is extremely compact and in addition, it can be used as Open Frame solution or in a MIL housing with MIL 38999 connectors of your choice. Supply power is 5-36VDC (MAGBES-20) and uses under any condition less than 4W (8-port 8W). Optional, it can be supplied with redundant power or different input voltage. The product can be operated at -20°C to 60°C and optionally even at -40°C to 85°C.

For the fiber ports, most Ethernet compatible transceivers (acc. MSA) can be used. It allows the users to select the appropriate transceiver for each link. As managed switch, the product gives access to various switch settings to configure features like: Quality of Service, VLAN, Rapid Spanning Tree, etc.. To adjust these switch settings, MPL provides an easy to use web interface.
Manageable GigaBit Ethernet Switch (MAGBES-10)

MAGBES Family Highlights

These features make the boxed MAGBES switch ideally suited for any rugged or industrial network applications. Due to the low power consumption, robust and flexible design, the products are well suited for any embedded system. It is the perfect fit, whether they are used in a rugged, hot or other harsh environment. The MAGBES makes it easy to set up a challenging network!


MAGBES-D22R with 3x RJ45 and 2x SFP


MAGBES-F211M with 8 ports on M12


MAGBES-21RS with 4x RJ45 and 1x header
MAGBES-212HS with 6x header and 2x SFP


MIL version of the 8-port MAGBES switch

Technical Features

Board Key Data
Switch lookup Engine support up to 1024 MAC entries with automatic learning and aging
supports auto crossover (Auto MDI/MDIX)
support polarity correction
Jumbo Frame support up to 10k Byte
Status LED 2 LEDs for each copper port (Link/Activity and Speed indicators)
1 LED for each SFP (Link/Activity indicators)
Copper Ports High quality RJ45 or M12 connectors (X-coded or D-coded) with lockable headers
Up to 2/4 Fiber Ports Supports standard SFP Modules (Single and Multimode) at a data rate of 100Mbit and 1Gbit
Management Software
MPL developed and maintains a management SW with easy to use web interface.
Management supports: • IEEE 802.1X MAC Address Checking • Switch statistic
(Layer 2 Management) • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN • Port Based VLAN
  • IEEE 802.1D RSTP support • Quality of Service
  • SNMP V1, V2c, V3 support • Accessible via https, Telnet, RS232
  • IGMPv3 snooping • Firmware Update via HTTP or TFTP
  • DHCP Client • TLS (HTTPS)
  • Port monitoring • Trunking support
  • Spanning tree • gPTP (1588 PTP support)
Input  (MAGBES-20) 5VDC - 36VDC Input range Input over 4-pin power connector
Input  (MAGBES-10) 5VDC Input over 3-pin power connector or PC/104 bus interface
Power consumption Typically 4W / 8W 5-port / 8-port versions
Storage Temperature -45°C up to +85°C (-49°F to +185°F)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F) at full operation
optionally -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F) at full operation
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non condensing
Standard Compliance
The MAGBES is designed to meet or even exceed the most common standard Particular references are:
EMC EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000, MIL-STD-461E
Shock & Vibration EN 60068
Environmental & Safety EN 50155, MIL-STD-810-F, EN 60601, EN 60950
Approval List CE, IEC 60945, IACS E10
The MAGBES family has been successfully tested according EN50155, MIL-STD-810-G as well as CE marking


Chassis version length x width x heights weight  
DIN-Rail/Flange 62.0 x 118 x 162 mm 900g custom color or foil available
IP67 MIL 175 x 182 x 66 mm 2.1kg custom housings and connectors available
5-port Open Frame 90.2 x 95.9 x 15.4 mm 90g PC/104 size
8-port Open Frame with RJ45 90.2 x 95.9 x 30.8 mm 180g PC/104 size
8-port Open Frame with Header 90.2 x 95.9 x 22.5 mm 180g PC/104 size

MAGBES-20 Family Versions

[MAGBES Versions 5-port]

[MAGBES Versions 8-port]

[MAGBES Versions 5-port]
[MAGBES Versions 8-port]
[MAGBES Versions stacked]

MAGBES-10 Family Versions

Not recommended for new designs!

[MAGBES-10 Versions]

Extended Temperature Option

Reference Description
XTEST-1 Extended temperature test, -40°C up to +85°C

For deployment in harsh environments, the MAGBES can be ordered in an extended temperature version. Every system needs to pass various tests in a climate chamber to prove that it will perform flawless over the temperature range indicated.


Reference Description
MAGBES-KIT2 Cable and RJ45 adapter PCB for MAGBES, copper port on 2mm header (cable length 300mm)
MAGBES-KIT3 Ethernet cable 300mm long, 10 pin 2mm lockable socket to RJ45 connector.
SFP (optical transceiver) in stock
Optional: MPL offers following SFP modules (others on request)
SFP-1X 1Gb SFP 850nm optical transceiver, 1000BASE-SX, multi mode, up to 500m, with standard LC connector, case temp. -40 to +85°C
SFP-2X 1Gb SFP 1310nm optical transceiver, 1000BASE-LX, single mode, up to 10km, with standard LC connector, case temp. -40 to +85°C
SFP-3X 100Mb SFP 1310nm optical transceiver, 100BASE-FX, multi mode, up to 2km, with standard LC connector, case temp. -40 to +85°C
or any other standard SFP in accordance to MSA & Ethernet compatible

Please note, not always all versions are available from stock.


 • Redundant power input  • Different power input range
 • Galvanic isolation  • Coating and bonding
 If you need something else, please talk to us.

In addition to the MAGBES switches, MPL provides a copper to fiber Ethernet Media converter, called TX2FX.

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