High Pin Count I/O Interconnection Board

The TERM50 is an interconnection board that eases connection to high I/O count peripheral boards. Its primary intention is to support I/O connection to the MPL PIP series of industrial PC products. Typically PC/104 peripheral boards present their I/O's on two standard raw 0.1 in pin headers up to a total pin count of 50. MPL AG brings these I/O signals to a mini Dsub connector on the PIP front through an adapter cable. The TERM50 allows the translation from mini Dsub to individual screw terminals and presents additional screw terminals for shield connections.

Technical Data

Electrical Characteristics
Current Rating 500 mArmsper Line
1 Apeakper Line
Voltage Rating 30 VDC line to line and line to shield
Mechanical Characteristics
Module Size 160 x 70 x 17 mm (excluding mechanical fixtures
Connector/Screw Terminals
I/O-connector Mini Dsub 50 female with latch
Screw terminals 3.81 mm spacing
Applicable wire size 0.14-1 mm2 (AWG 26-16)


Product Description Doc Type Size  pdf File
TERM50 TERM50 User ManualEN Manual283.71 KBdownload
TERM50 MPL PC104-IO Interconnection worksheetEN Technote62.57 KBdownload
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