Display Link Serial (DLS)

[Display Link Serial]

General Description

The DLS Module is a LVDS Transmitter indented to be used to interface LCD with built-in FPD-Link (Flat-Panel Display Link) or LDI (LVDS Display Interface). MPL does not provide a Receiver counterpart Module. To support as much FPD-Link and LDI Displays it is highly configurable via a DIP-Switch and/or an ISP PLD, for routing the Color-Bits.

The DLS module fits directly on the MPLs PIPx MIPx and IPMx product lines. This solution can not be used with the PIP10 and PIP20 platforms.



Technical Features DLS


Supported panels TFT
Resolution Up to UXGA
RGB color Max. 24Bit/pix
Graphic panel interface protocol FPD / LDI (LVDS)
Panel interface connector HD-Sub 26-pin (male)
Physical / Power
Size (L x W x H) 81 x 65 x 16 mm
6.89" x 5.73" x 0.98"
Power Supply The power is being provided on the MMI connector of the MPL products
Temperature Range (*optional) 0°C - 60°C (-40°C - 75°C)*
Cable length Up to 15 Meter
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