Third Party PC/104 & PC/104-Plus Peripherals

Although the MPL Processor boards are traditionally equipped quite well, special interfaces like A/D converters are almost always required in industrial applications. Therefore, we provide you with a selection of peripheral cards to extend the capabilities of the MPL processor boards.

If you can't find the interface you need for your application, you also can use PC/104 and PC/104-Plus boards from other manufacturers.


Third Party PC/104 modules
PIPAD12-1 PC/104 16 Channel, 12-bit Analog I/O with auto calibration
PIPAD32-1 PC/104 32 channel,16-bit Analog I/O module with auto calibration
PIPGIO48-1 PC/104 module width 48-Line high current Digital I/O, plus 10 counter/timers
PIPRIO20-1 PC/104 high density optoisolated Input + Relay output module
PIPRIO8-1 PC/104 8 channel optoisolated Input + Relay output module
CAN-AC1-104 PC/104 CAN module (DB-9)
CAN-AC2-104 PC/104 dual CAN module (2 x DB-9)
CAN-AC2-104i PC/104 dual CAN module in extended temperature (2 x DB-9)
CANopen-1 CANOpen SW License

Third Party PC/104-Plus modules
MiniPCI-1 PC/104-Plus passive extender card to mount Mini-PCI card

PDF Manuals, Data Sheets, and Press Releases can be found in the MPL Documentation area of this homepage.

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