400MHz PowerPC board with FPU

400MHz PowerPC board with FPU (MIP470)


The MIP470 is a rugged embedded industrial SBC in PC/104 form factor. As processor, the Freescale MPC8347E PowerPC with integrated FPU and encryption engine is used. The solution is ideal for applications requiring small size, high performance and low power. For easy cooling the CPU is placed on the bottom of the board. All components required to build an industrial PC system are already on-board. The available PCI-104 interface offers easy and flexible expansion capabilities. Integration of the MIP470 into a system is facilitated by the fact of offering standard connectors for E-IDE, USB2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. The four serial interfaces can be accessed through 2 mm headers. The MPI470 design fulfills the CE, FCC and MIL810F requirements. The DDR SDRAMs are soldered on board and are ECC protected.

MIP470 Specialities

These features make the MIP470 ideal for any embedded control application requiring small size, high performance and low power. The products are being used in aviation and transportation systems, industrial or any other rugged/ secure application like medicine.

Technical Features MIP470

Processor PowerPC MPC8347E with FPU & encryption engine Embedded processor from Freescale
CPU Speed up to 400MHz 750 MIPS @400 MHz
FLASH up to 64 MB Flash EEPROM 63.5 MB free user space for boot kernel
Memory up to 512 MB ECC DDR SDRAM soldered on-board
RTC backed with on-board battery Environment can be saved in EEPROM
Ethernet 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
10 BaseT / 100 Base Tx / 1000 BaseT
RJ45 connectors, ESD protected
Support IEEE802.3 auto negotation
2 x USB 2.0 Ports 1 x Type A Host, 1 x Type AB (OTG) ESD protected
Serial Ports 2 ports RS232
2 ports with TTL signaling
All available over 10-pin 2mm header
Two with full modem handshake signals
E-IDE Port 2 ports PIO mode 4, BusMaster IDE Standard 44-pin header
Expansion 32-bit PCI-104 interface (PCI-Host) For up to 4 Busmaster cards
Indicator 8 activity LED's + 1 user definable Power, Reset, Error, HDD, 4 x LAN, User
Multi Purpose Socket (MPS) for additional SRAM, FLASH or EPROM 32-pin DIL memory components
Physical / Power
Size (length, width, height) 95.9 x 115.6 x 14 mm
3.775 x 5.440 x 0.550 inch
PC/104-Plus compliant
None stack through module
Weight 110 g Fully equipped MIP470
Power +5VDC ±5% Over power connector or PC/104
Power consumption typically < 6.5 W @ 400 Mhz with 512MB RAM & 64MB Flash
Temperature Range -20°C up to 60°C, fanless Optional extended temperature
Humidity 5% - 95%non condensing Optional coating available
Shock & Vibration Complies with EN60068-2-6 and EN60068-2-27  
EMC All interfaces are ESD protected, all possible precaution concerning EMC have been taken  

MIP470 versions Expansions & options Operating systems
  • Complete version with 512MB ECC SDRAM and 64 MB Flash
  • Coated versions
  • Depopulated versions
  • Extended temp. versions
  Over the PCI-104
  • Graphic Module
  • PC Card module
  • Any digital or analog I/O board
  • Various LINUX distributions
  • Real Time LINUX
  • Open source boot loader for other OS
  • Realtime OS (QNX...)

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[MIP470 Block Diagram]

MIP470 Versions

Reference Description
MIP470-1 Low power Freescale PowerPC MPC8347 CPU with FPU (up to 400MHz), equipped with 2x USB2.0, 4x RS232 on header, 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45), 2x IDE ports, 256MB ECC DDR SDRAM & 16MB Flash soldered on board.
MIP470-Cx OEM specific MIP470 version (depopulated)
XTEST-1 Extended temperature test -40°C up to +85°C
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