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MPL AG actively participates in the development of the Universal Bootloader (U-Boot), the successor of the former PPCBoot.

We make tested binaries available for our PPC based products only, though. The documentation covering the installation of those binaries on the MIP405T is located in the MIP405T Documentation Area of this home page.

Binary Images Version Remark
u-boot.img 1.1.2
u-boot.img 2011.03 Latest MPL supported version. Patches are available here: MPL patches

Please have a look at http://sourceforge.net/projects/u-boot for the source code of the U-Boot for the MPL MIP405T.

Linux Kernel for the MIP405T

MPL AG maintains a patch against the official Linux 2.6.12 Kernel that contains all MIP405T specific changes and drivers. Please follow the procedure given below to be able to compile the kernel on your own:

Kernel Tree MIP405T Patch
Linux-2.6.12 linux-2.6.12-mip405t.patch.bz2

BusyBox based Linux for MIP405

The tar archive below contains a BusyBox based Linux demo for the MPL MIP405. Details are described in the "MPL MIP405 Linux Application Note" document, available from the MIP405 Documentation Area of this home page.

Image Usage
MPL MIP405 Linux (65 MiB) compressed tar archive containing Busybox based Demo Linux for MIP405
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