VCMA9 Baseboard



The VCMA9-BB2 is a small baseboard that fits directly on the highly integrated VCMA9 industrial single board computer. It is built to give easy connection possibility to all the different interfaces available on the VCMA9. Furthermore it offers a reset button, battery-backed SRAM, a combo socket for I-Stick or SD-Card, transistor logic for touch screen, a battery cell holder with logic to generate RTC power, and a '1.8V Alive power' supply to reach the lowest power down mode of the VCMA9.

The VCMA9-BB2 needs only one supply voltage: +5VDC for VCMA9 and board logic. The +12VDC for CAN power, LCD backlight inverter and '1.8V Alive power' is generated on board from the +5VDC.

For easy connection all connectors are available on the top side of the board. This gives you the possibility to mount the VCMA9-BB2 directly behind the front.


Suitable for

All VCMA9 versions

VCMA9 Baseboard Versions

Reference Description
VCMA9-BB2 Connector PCB to be installed direct on top of the VCMA9. On the BB2 you get direct access to LAN on RJ45, CAN on DB-9, 3x RS232 on DB-9, USB ports on Type A & B, LCD & Touch Interface on 2.54 header, expansion bus on header, VCMA9 I/O on header, plus bootable & backed SRAM
VCMA9-BBC Customer specific Base Board for connecting the VCMA9

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