ARM based embedded CPU module

ARM based embedded CPU module (VCMA9)


The VCMA9 is a highly integrated and robust Versatile Computer Module in a small form factor. The VCMA9 is based around a microcontoller using the sophisticated ARM920T core and additional implements a complete set of common system peripherals. Besides these features the VCMA9 offers Ethernet, CAN and DAC. Main memory up to 128MB SDRAM are available onboard. For storage media soldered NAND-Flash is used. Additional expansions can be made through the expansion bus connector. All this together, makes this single board computer extremely flexible and versatile.

The VCMA9 represents a unique solution for today's demanding industrial needs. It has the ability to be operated under extreme conditions without the need of fans. Depopulated versions are available and can be tailored to customer requirements.

VCMA9 Specialities

are (among many others) the extreme low power consumption (<1.5W). An ARM9-CPU based solution with soldered SDRAM, NAND-Flash as mass storage device and a complete set of peripherals like 3 serial ports, USB, LCD, Ethernet, CAN, and many more. An open source bootloader and LINUX board support package are available as well as support & consulting.

Unique features are

These features make the VCMA9 to the ideal solution for any application where a none x86 architecture is preferred and a high quality, small size, low power expandable Industrial Single Board Computer is needed. The product can be used in applications like in medicine, transportation systems, telecom or any other industrial needs.

Technical Features

Processor 32-bit ARM9 CPU core
Enhanced ARM architecture
integrated Memory Management Unit
separate 16kbyte instruction and data cache
CPU Speed up to 250MHz adjustable
Memory Up to 128MB SDRAM soldered onboard
Mass Storage 64MB NAND-Flash soldered onboard
Bootloader 512KB Flash EEPROM, ARMBoot bootloader easy update
RTC Alarm functions; millisecond tick for RTOS can be backed with external battery
Ethernet 10-Base-T 10Mbit/s
CAN Supports CAN 2.0B protocol opto isolated interface
Serial Ports 3 ports (one with handshake signals) RS232 level
USB Interface One Host port; one selectable Host or Device port USB 1.1 ports (12Mbit/s)
LCD STN and TFT support max. 24bpp; max. 4MB virtual screen size
Touch Controller built in microprocessor external transistor logic necessary
ADC 10-bit, 8-channel multiplexed max. 500ksps
DAC 8-bit, 4-channel with high and low reference input
Digital I/O at least 8 (up to 64 possible) TTL-level
I2C 256kbit serial EEPROM onboard up to 400kbit/s
SPI 2 channels built in microprocessor DAC is controlled via SPI channel 0
I2S Controller built in microprocessor for audio interface with DMA-based operation
SD Controller built in microprocessor compatible with SD Memory/IO Card Protocol
Watchdog Selectable timeouts built in microprocessor
Timers One 16-bit internal timer
Four 16-bit timers
DMA- or IRQ-based operation
with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Keyboard, Mouse, Floppy Over the USB port Matrix Keyboard via SPI Interface
Indicators 4 activity LEDs Power, Reset, LAN-Link, LAN-Activity
Expansion 32-bit bus interface via 80-pin 2mm pitch socket
Physical / Power
Size (length x width x height) 90 mm x 100 mm x 8 mm 3.545 x 3.935 x 0.315 inches
Weight 110 g fully equipped 0.242 lbs
Input power +5VDC ±5% Input via 2mm pitch socket
Power consumption typically < 2.0 Watts 64MB SDRAM, 8MB NAND-Flash, LAN, CAN
Temperature Range -20°C up to 60°C, optional -40°C up to 85°C @ 200MHz, without fan
Humidity 5% - 95%non condensing Optional coating available

VCMA9 versions Expansions & options Operation systems
- complete versions
- depopulated versions
- customer specific
- extended temp. versions
- Over the expansion bus connector
- Connector Board Available (VCMA9-BB1)
- Design-In Kit available

 For other requirements please contact MPL AG

Open Source boot loader
- Various LINUX distributions
- Real Time LINUX
- WindowsCE port

Professional Engineering, Support and Consulting through MPL engineers for HW and/or SW is available


[VCMA9 Block Diagram]

VCMA9 Versions

Reference Description
VCMA9-55 Embedded CPU module (90x100mm) based on Samsung S3C2410 microprocessor with ARM-920T core, 250MHz, 3 x RS232, 2x USB, 10 Mbit LAN, CAN 2.0B, 128MByte SDRAM, 128MByte NAND-Flash
VCMA9-54 Embedded CPU module (90x100mm) based on Samsung S3C2410 microprocessor with ARM-920T core, 250MHz, 3x RS232, 2x USB, 10 Mbit LAN, CAN 2.0B, 128MByte SDRAM, 64MByte NAND-Flash
VCMA9-Cx Depopulated or customer version of the VCMA9 (more or less SDRAM, FLASH.....)
XTEST-1 Extended temperature solution, -40°C up to +85°C

VCMA9 Software

The following operating systems and board support packages are available for the VCMA9 upon request. Please understand that application specific engineering and modifications will have to be agreed upon. We will install customer specific operating systems and applications upon request.

Reference Description
VA9-OS-LCDE MPL VCMA9 Linux Cross development environment (only available with VCMA9 development kit)
VA9-OS-WBSP MPL VCMA9 Windows CE Board Support Package (only available with VCMA9 development kit)
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