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PowerPC (MIP405)


MPL expands it's MIP* Concept with a PowerPC solution. The new product called MIP405 is equipped with the highly integrated embedded PowerPC processor from IBM (PPC405GP with 375 DMIPS at 266MHz or PPC405GPr with 608 DMIPS at 400MHz).

The MIP405 offers industrial specialties like: 4 serial and 2 USB ports,2 44-pin IDE I/F, a 10/100 Ethernet, PC/104 and PC/104 Plus expansion connectors and, and. The MIP405 can be equipped with up to 128MB on-board soldered SDRAM (ECC support), up to 4MB on-board soldered Flash plus in addition over the multi purpose socket SRAM, EPROM, and Flash modules.

The MIP405 comes with the open source U-Boot loader. Various boot sources are available (USB, IDE, FLASH....) Also a Linux distribution is available for the MIP405. RT OS BSP are in preparations from several suppliers. For more information just get in touch with us.

The MIP405 is available 0°C to +60°C and optionally for –40°C to +85°C without the need of a heat sink or a fan. Also depopulated or custom versions are available. Special efforts have been taken for the quality of the components and their long term availability as well as the low power consumption of the system (down to <3 Watts).

All interfaces are ESD protected according the latest know-how. The MIP405 can be operated with 5VDC. The PC/104 board can be expanded with any PC/104 & PC104+ expansion board. Packaged development Systems are available from stock with bootloader an/or Linux distribution. MPL offers on request professional Engineering and Consulting support for the HW and SW.

All these features and its reasonable cost, make the MIP405 the ideal solution for any application where a flexible, rugged long term available complete Industrial PC is needed. All MIP products can be ordered according to the customer requirements and needs.

Technical Features MIP405

Processor PowerPC PPC405GP / PPC405GPr Embedded processor from IBM
CPU Speed 375 MIPS@266MHz / 608 MIPS@400MHz 5 Watts / 2,5 Watts
BIOS 4MB Flash EEPROM, easy updateability 3.5MB free user space for boot kernel
SDRAM soldered on board, ECC support Up to 128MB SDRAM
FLASH 44-pin header for Flash modules Up to 1GB MB Flash
Multi Purpose Socket Supports SRAM, FLASH, EPROM 32-pin DIL, up to 512kB memory size
RTC backed with on- board Battery battery Environment can be saved in EEPROM
Ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX
Fast 10/100 Mbits/s
RJ45 available from the front
support IEEE802.3 auto negotation
4  x Serial Ports 2 ports with RS232 signaling
2 ports with TTL signaling
Available over 4 x 10-pin connector
Connector kit is available
2 x USB Interface USB 1.1 ports for transfer rates of 12 and 1.5Mbit/s  
2 x E-IDE Port PIO mode 4, BusMaster IDE, Ultra DMA/33 2 x standard 44-pin header
FDD Port Over USB Available over 10-pin 2mm header
Keyboard Over USB Available over 10-pin 2mm header
Mouse Over USB Available over 10-pin 2mm header
Watchdog Selctable timeouts Built in PPC405GP processor
Debug Ports JTAG and IBM RISCWatch 12-pin 2mm header
Indicator 5 activity LED's + 1 user definable Power, Reset, Errror, HDD, LAN, User
Physical / Power
Size 95.9 mm x 90.2 mm + 2 x 12.7 mm 3.775” x 3.550 + 2 x 0.495”
Overall heights 14 mm 0.551”
Weight 110 g 0.242 lbs
Input power +5VDC ±5% 3-pin power connector or over PC/104 connector
Power consumption typically < 5.0 Watts With Ethernet, USB and 128MB SDRAM
Temperature Range -20°C up to 60°C, optional -40°C up to +85°C Without heat sink or fan
Humidity 5% - 95%non condensing Optional coating available
Shock & Vibration Complies with EN60068-2-6 and EN60068-2-27 Optional
EMC All interfaces are ESD protected, all possible precaution concerning EMC have been taken  

MIP405 versions Expansions & options Operation systems
• complete versions
• depopulated versions
• customer specific
• extended temp. versions
Over the PC/104 or the PC/104+
• Grafic Module
• PC Card module
• or any other PC/104 or PC/104+ card available on the market
• Various LINUX distributions
• Real Time LINUX
• Open Source boot loader for other OS
Professional Engineering Support and Consulting available through MPL engineers (HW and/or SW)


[MIP405 Block Diagram]

MIP405 Versions

Reference Description
MIP405-1 PC/104-Plus IBM405 GP PowerPC (266MHz) with 2xUSB and 4xRS232 on header, 10/100 Ethernet on RJ45, 128MB SDRAM and 4MB Flash soldered on board
MIP405-3 PC/104-Plus IBM405 GPr PowerPC (up to 400MHz) with 2xUSB, 4x RS232 and 10/100 Ethernet on headers, 128MB SDRAM and 8MB Flash soldered on board
MIP405-4 PC/104-Plus IBM405 GP PowerPC (266MHz) with 2xUSB, 4x RS232 and 10/100 Ethernet on headers, 128MB SDRAM and 4MB Flash soldered on board
MIP405-x Depopulated MIP405 (less SDRAM, less Flash, OEM version....)
XTEST-1 Extended temperature test -40°C up to +85°C (for all MIP405 versions)
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