MIP520 Downloads

BIOS Upgrade

BIOS upgrades are available as Windows executable program files. Running the downloaded .exe file on a Windows PC, allows you to create a bootable floppy containing a minimal FreeDOS installation, the BIOS image, and all tools required to update the BIOS. Booting this floppy on the MPL SBC will update the existing BIOS after the normal "Are you sure?" questions. Additionally, the BIOS update floppy allows you to backup the existing BIOS in case you want to revert the upgrade. Please refer to the BIOS user manual for more information.

Please update the BIOS only if you are experiencing problems and you are sure that the new BIOS revision will solve it. Careless updating may result to more problems. If you are not sure about the implications, please contact MPL AG.

BIOS Upgrade: MIP520 Revision C

Version Remark
Bios V 0.40 This version allows to save the CMOS values in the FLASH of the MIP520. If the CMOS value is incorrect upon boot, the values from the FLASH wil be taken instead.

BIOS Upgrade: MIP520 Revision D and newer

Version Remark
Bios V 1.16 Allows disabling of serial and parallel ports in order to free resources for the PC/104 Bus.
Bios V 1.15 Various internal changes.

Ethernet Drivers

Operating System Driver Version Description
Windows XP/2000
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 98/ME
e100ndis4.exe NDIS4 Driver for Intel 8255xER
Windows CE .NET e100ce.exe   Driver for Intel 8255xER
Windows XP Embedded e100exp.exe Driver for Intel 8255xER
DOS e100bDOS.exe 4.11 NDIS2 Driver for 8255xER

Intel 82559ER Ethernet Drivers for other operating systems and additional tools and utilities for the Intel 82559ER Ethernet Controller can be found on the developer support site of  Intel Inc. at http://developer.intel.com/design/network/drivers/index.htm

XVGA Drivers

Driver Version Remark
Windows XP WXPv251c.zip (421 KB) 2.5.0  
Windows 2000 W2Kv251c.zip (421 KB) 2.5.0  
Windows NT 4.0 NT4v250.zip (436 KB) 2.5.0  
Windows98 w98600.exe (933 KB) 6.0.0  
w98608p.exe (295 KB) 6.0.8 Portrait Mode
Windows95 w95500.exe (929 KB) 5.0.0  
w95244p.exe (230 KB) 2.4.4 Portrait Mode

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