Universal low cost Industrial SBC with 5x86 CPU

Industrial SBC with 5x86 CPU (MIP520)


The MIP520 is a highly integrated industrial single board computer in PC/104 form factor. It is fully PC/AT compatible and well suited for applications requiring a small size, high performance PC with great flexibility. The MIP520 can be used in a standard operating environment without the need of a fan.

All major components required to build a complete and sophisticated PC/AT system are implemented on the MIP520 board. It features a VGA interface for flat panel and CRT (simultaneous panel and CRT operation possible), an E-IDE and FDD port, one parallel and two serial ports, keyboard and mouse interface, SSI, speaker output and one timer interface and a real time clock. Optional you have the possibility for Ethernet and/or USB controller on board. With the integrated 16-bit PC/104 interface, flexible expansion possibilities are also available.

All connectors are standard 2mm headers for an easy connection, except the FDD port (34-pin, 2.54mm connector) and the Ethernet connector (RJ45). Particular precaution has been taken of the EMC so that an entire system can fulfill the CE and FCC requirements.

All these features make the MIP520 to the ideal solution for any low-cost embedded control applications, where a flexible and fully compatible PC/AT is needed.

Technical Features

Processor AMD ÉlanTM SC520
32-Bit, lower power CPU, integrated PCI host bridge, SDRAM controller and RTC
Industry-standard Am5x86-133MHz
133MHz operating frequency,
16kbytes write-back/through cache
BIOS 256kB Flash EEPROM, easy update MPL BIOS based on GS source
SDRAM 144-pin SO-DIMM socket for one module Up to 128MB SDRAM
FLASH 44-pin header for Flash modules Up to 160MB Flash
RTC backed with on- board Battery battery  
SVGA Interface C&T69000 video accelerator
resolution up to 1280 x 1024
flexible panel support for STN and TFT
15-pin DSUB
refresh rate up to 85Hz
50-pin socket, for DLS, DLP & REMMI* options
2 (RS232) or 4 (2xRS232 + 2xTTL) Serial Ports Configurable as COM1 ... 4
one configurable as IrDA
Available over 50-pin connector and 12-pin header
Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) Half or full duplex operation
Programmable clock speed from 64k to 8MHz
Configurable clock idle state and phase
Transaction complete status, available as interrupt
Available over 10-pin header
2 x USB Interface USB 1.1 (up to 12Mb/s) 10-pin header
Parallel Port config. as LPT1...3, SPP,EPP, ECP (IEEE1284) Available over 50-pin header
E-IDE Port ANSI standard modes 0, 1, and 2 Standard 44-pin header
FDD Port one port for up to 2 drives Standard 34-pin header
Keyboard PS/2 interface Available over 50-pin header
Mouse PS/2 interface Available over 50-pin header
Ethernet 10BaseT /100BaseTX
Fast 10/100Mbit/s
support IEEE802.3 auto negotiation
Timer One 16 or 32bit TTL timer output signal
One 16 bit TTL timer input signal
Available over 10-pin header
Speaker Port Easy connection of speaker Available over 10-pin header
Watchdog distinct keyed write sequence Programmable time-out 0,5msec – 32sec.
Reset Button Remote button Connection over power connector
Expansions Via the 16-bit PC/104 interface MIP520 is a stack through module
Physical / Power
Size 95.9 mm x 90.2 mm + 2 x 12.7 mm 3.775” x 3.550 + 2 x 0.495”
Overall heights 14 mm 0.551”
Weight 110 g 0.242 lbs
Input power +5VDC ±5%  
Power consumption typically 4.0 Watts 5VDC and 64MB SDRAM
Temperature Range -20°C up to 60°C, optional -40°C up to 75°C Without a fan
Humidity 5% - 95%non condensing Optional coating available

MIP520 versions Expansions & options Operation systems
– complete version
– depopulated versions
 - w/o Ethernet
 - w/o Graphic
 - customer specific
– any PC/104 card
 *Remote MMI option for an operation distance of up to 15 m with connectors for RS232, mouse, keyboard and USB next to the LCD.
100% PC/AT compatible therefore any PC operating system (Windows, LINUX, RT OS....) can be used

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Blockschema MIP520

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MIP520 Versions

Reference Description
MIP520-1 PC/104 CPU board 5x86-133MHz, Graphics, 2x USB, 4x RS232, 10/100 Ethernet, REMMI I/F
MIP520-Cx Depopulated MIP520 (e.g. no graphics and/or no 2xUSB, 10/100 Ethernet)
XTEST-2 Extended temperature test -40°C up to +75°C
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