CEC4 Downloads

The patches contain the difference in regards to the official linux kernel (see http://www.kernel.org). The MPL CEC4 is in the mainline kernel since v3.8, the patches for later versions only enable the use of the on-board flash.

Kernel Version Download Remarks
3.9 MPLCEC4_v3.9.patch  
3.10 MPLCEC4_v3.10.patch  
3.12 MPLCEC4_v3.12.patch  
3.14 MPLCEC4_v3.14.patch  
3.15 MPLCEC4_v3.15.patch  

For older or newer patches, please contact MPL AG


These patches introduce the CEC4 to the BuildRoot build environment for embedded Linux systems. Please see the "BuildRoot for the MPL CEC4" Technote in the Documentation section for the CEC4 for further information.

Version Download Date Released Remarks
Rev A for BR 2013.05 BRv2013.05.A.patch 2013-06-25
Rev A for BR 2014.05 BRv2014.05.A.patch 2014-07-22

Recovery Image

The recovery image can be used to reflash the firmware of your CEC4. It will install the latest U-Boot (currently 2014.07) and minilinux (based upon BuildRoot 2014.05) versions. Copy the file onto a FAT formatted USB stick, insert it into the CEC4 and press the reset button for at least 7 seconds. Do not power down your CEC4 until the status LED has stopped flashing orange for at least 60 seconds!


Please contact MPL AG if you need patches, source code, or binaries for the U-Boot loader used in the MPL CEC4

Debian "wheezy" Installer and kernel

Please contact MPL AG.

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