Standard PCI Slot Extension

Due to industrial needs to install PCI cards into rugged Industrial PCs like the PIP, MPL developed a solutions allowing to expand the PIP-Family with half size and short PCI cards! The LOFT solution is foot print optimized (PIP-housing changes in height only).

The PCI slots are connected over a PCI-to-PCI bridge to the PIP's PCI interface. The necessary special expansion board, also provides on board power for +12V and -12V. Additional power for +5V and +3.3V is generated on board from the PIP's input voltage (8..28V). This can be essential, depending on the power requirements of the added PCI cards. The solution allows to mount additional PC/104-Plus and/or PC/104 cards when the PIPPCI expansion is stacked into the PIP!

The combination of a PIP and PIPPCI is a complete and compact solution for industrial applications. It works under extreme and normal conditions without the need of fans. Additional the standard PCI slots offer new possibilities for an industrial PC that were only available for personal computers until now!

General facts

 • PIP expansion for standard PCI slots
 • 5V or 3.3V PCI slots
 • On board generated +12V and -12V
 • Housing with best EMI/RFI protection
 • OEM versions available

LOFT facts:

 • Extension only in height
 • Wiring of PCI card connectors to PIP fronts according customer requirements


1. PCI card length restriction (no long size cards).
As all PIPs are small compact packaged industrial PCs, we take care that the PCI extensions are also as small as possible. Due to that fact, the long PCI cards (up to 312mm length) do not fit inside our solution! The maximum allowed length for a PCI card is 180mm, so half size and short PCI cards can be installed without a problem.

2. The PIPPCI LOFT solution can not be used with the PIP20 platform.


The PIPPCI LOFT solution extends the PIP-case only in height. It is optimized for a small PIP footprint. The different versions of this solution allow various expansion possibilities.

LOFT Standard PCI slots Additional expansion options [Loft]
PIPPCI with housing:
270mm x 162mm x 120mm (LxWxH)
Reference max. number of PCI slot PCI voltage Number of PC/104-Plus or PC/104 cards Number of PC/104 cards
PIPPCI-L1 1 5V 2 0
PIPPCI-L2 2 0 0
PIPPCI-L11 * 1 3.3V 2 0
PIPPCI-L12 * 2 0 0
PIP104PLUS-1 0 - 4 2
* available on request - not in stock!

The PIP104PLUS-1 is a special version of the LOFT solution, allowing maximum PIP extension with PC/104-Plus and PC/104 cards. This version does NOT offer a standard PCI slot.

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