PCMCIA Card Handling Software for PC and Macintosh

The utility software "copy card" (CCard) allows access to memory cards inserted in a MCDISK drive. The MCDISK drive is connected to the PC (under MS-DOS) / MAC (under MPW) via the SCSI bus. The data transfer between the memory card and a binary file is handled via the SCSI bus. This results in a very short data transfer time. It is possible to read, write and verify memory card data. Furthermore the memory data can be dumped on screen in hex and ASCII format. Because of the block structure used on memory cards the offsets used in CCard command line arguments must match the block boundaries (multiples of 512 bytes). MCDISK drives are accessed via the SCSI bus with a SCSI number. This number is autodetected by CCard. If more than one drive is installed the desired drive SCSI number must be passed as a command line argument. Data transfers to SRAM cards are very fast, because of the short write timing, however data transfers to PROM cards take a little longer.

The ccard utilities are command line programs that do not have a graphical interface! If you are not a developer or want to do some rather low-level things to your PCMCIA cards, chances are that you don't need this software. You surely don't need it if you just want to copy data from and to memory cards like ATA cards.

Technical Features

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