Open Frame PCMCIA Card Reader/Writer With Serial Interface

The MCRW-G (Memory Card Reader Writer) is a reader/writer with one card slot for PCMCIA/JEIDA compatible memory cards. These cards are widely used in the industry, mobile computers and are available from many manufacturers in various sizes and types. The MCRW-G contains sophisticated software that automatically analyses and handles all card specific parameters and therefore supports a wide variety of cards of any size: ATA FLASH, CompactFlash*, SmartMedia*, PCMCIA hard disk, SRAM, ROM, OTP, E(E)PROM, FLASH , as well as User specific I/O cards.

To interface those cards to the Host equipment the MCRW-G has an RS-232 interface with a selectable Baud rate. Simple straight forward commands allow complete remote control of the unit out of any Application written in any language and without the need of an operating system. The card slot accepts all PC Cards size up to type III.

PDF Manuals, Data Sheets, and Press Releases can be found in the MPL Documentation area of this homepage.

Technical Features

Open frame (identical to 3.5" Floppy) X
Weight 0.25 kg
RS-232 Interface X
Single PC Card slot for Type I -III card X
Card Support
PC-ATA card support X
SRAM read and write X
FLASH memory write/erase X
EEPROM write/erase X
User specific I/O card access X
FORTEZZA Cryptocard and compatible X
Electrical &Connections
Power Requirements  +5V DC (+/- 5%) 100 mA
Power Requirements +12VDC (+/- 5%) min 1mA
Current consumption  (max) 15 W
RS-232 Interface connector 4-pin header, male
Baudrate 300 .. 38.4 kbit/sec
Handshake XON/XOFF
Temperature range 0°C.....70°C X
Ext.temperature range -25°C.....85°C (Optional) X
CE compliant X


Typical Application

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