Not recommended for new Designs


Quad D/A Converter 8 or 10 Bit Resolution with Current & Voltage Outputs


The MPL4231 provides the user with a flexible means of generating an analog voltage or current with a step accuracy of 8 Bit or 10 Bit. In the 8 Bit mode, the MPL4231 is fully compatible with the MPL4230. Various output voltage ranges or current range (4-20mA) are easily selected per channel. Setting one of the 4 channels is simply done by writing to a certain memory location (10 Bit: 2 locations). Setting time is very fast and over all non-linearity is better than +/- 1 LSB (10 Bit mode) respectively +/- 1/4 LSB (8 Bit mode). These two modes can be selected by a simple jumper setting.
System-reset overrides the output of the DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and sets it to the "all zeros" value, operating as a security circuit during power on and at power off.

Technical Features

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