G-64/96 Bus Modules: AD/DA Boards

D/A Converters

For systems in which analog output is required, MPL AG offers an easy to use Digital-Analog Converter for both voltage and current (4 .. 20 mA) output. The board features 10 bit resolution and fast conversion time. Each channel is configurable in respect to the output range. An important feature is the RESET override.
See also the SIMM Modules section for alternative D/A converters.

A/D Converters

For simple, but efficient real world analog connections, MPL AG offers a choice of analog to digital converters. These converters are available with 8 to 16 single ended inputs. For high noise immunity, the MPL4220 has fully isolated input via relays. The module has a selectable 10 or 100 ms conversion time to suppress 50Hz noise. Two versions are available, one with voltage inputs, the second with 4..20 mA inputs.
The module MPL4225 offers 4 sockets for mounting PT100 conditioners. The resolution is 10 bits with a typical conversion time of 100 µs. Versions are available with all voltage inputs or 8 voltage and 8 4..20 mA inputs. For higher accuracy and/or differential inputs see the SIMM Modules section.

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