Board with 32 optical isolated outputs

With its 32 industrial output and low power consumption, the MPL4258 is the ideal solution for those situations requiring the maximum number of opto isolated industrial outputs on a small surface area with low running costs, and economic price.
The MPL4258 can drive currents up to 120mA at 12V, 24V or 48V on its 32 opto isolated output lines and can be configured with either "sink" or "source" output stages.
The output stages are connected via two 26 pin connectors, 16 lines at each connector and the module is fully compatible with the G-64/96 bus.

Technical Features


The MPL4258 is a low cost fully optical isolated output board with 32 source or sink drivers. The 32 outputs on J2 and J3 respectively have a maximum output current in excess of 120mA each. The output driver will withstand voltages up to 50V DC. The 32 outputs are divided into 4 groups with eight outputs each. Every output port has a read back capability.

The two versions of the MPL4258 differ only in the output stage. They are preconfigured by the factory and can be ordered with the following numbers: MPL4258-1 32 sink output stages, MPL4258-2 32 source output stages.

Further Documentation

PDF Manuals, Data Sheets, and Press Releases can be found in the MPL Documentation area of this homepage.

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