Combined board with 16 opto isolated inputs and outputs

The MPL4253 offers an economic solution where a small amount of industrial I/Os is needed. The board supports a flexible input stage with a wide input voltage range from 12V to 24V DC and polarity selection. One input supplies the software programmable interrupt logic.

The output stage is available with source or sink darlington drivers. Each of the 16 output channels supplies up to 100mA at 12V to 24V DC. The output latches are designed to be readable.

The I/O stages are connected via two 26-pin connectors which are pin compatible to similar boards with 32 inputs / outputs (e. g. MPL4255, MPL4258).

The MPL4253 is fully G-64/96 compatible with synchronous or asynchronous access mode selection. It can handle vectored interrupts and supports daisy chaining.

Technical Features

Further Documentation

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