CAN-1 SIMM-module

The CAN-1 SIMM module can be used on any microprocessor board providing the local MLX bus extension, e.g. MPL4080 and MPL4082. The CAN-1 module is an easy and cost effective solution to connect a Host computer to the CAN bus.

Features of CAN-1:

OS-9 support

MPL's CAN products are designed to work with various Host systems. For those users wishing to work with OS-9, MPL provides OS-9 support and drivers. Following a short description of a OS-9 driver
supporting the CAN-1 SIMM module.

To follow the concept of CAN the OS-9 driver communicates with applications on a message basis. Therefore an application can install events to take place on reception of certain messages. It can tell the driver to send a signal, signal an event or call a routine (only from system state) for each message. After such an event the application can call the driver to read the message data. For each CAN message a separate event can be installed, if an event is installed it is not accessible for other applications. When
the application closes the path to the CAN device, all installed events of this application are automatically cleared. It is also possible to setup a wait-and-read request for a certain message. Messages to transmit will be buffered in the driver. If the buffer is full the process will automatically wait for a free buffer unless the driver is told to perform a non-blocking operation. 

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