Quad MLX-SIMM Motherboard


The MPL4280 allows to add on up to four MLX-SIMM modules that are accessible through the G-64/96 bus. MLX-SIMM modules are based on the MLX-bus (MPL local extension) which is an 8-bit synchronous bus which allows the connected modules to look like any microprocessor peripheral. Each module offers up to ten I/O lines. On the MPL4280 these lines are individually connected to a 10pol connector that is located at the upper board edge.
Due to the nature of the SIMM modules the MPL4280 can be accessed in the synchronous VPA mode only. Vectored interrupts are supported to speed up the interrupt work-out time. The MPL4280 can be used together with other vectored cards due to its 'interrupt daisy-chain' capability.
The card is designed fully in CMOS and consumes typically 15mA at +5V. The MPL4280 is well suited for any applications where a peripheral extension through a G-64/96 interface is desired. The extension can be established in a compact and flexible way at low cost and low power.

Technical Features

Available Modules

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