500VDC Isolated Two Channel RS232



Using the concept of the SIMM (Single Inline Multipurpose Module), the SIO-3 features two RS232 serial channels. By the use of a DC/DC converter and optocouplers, an isolation barrier of at least 500VDC between digital section and RS232 section is achieved. This eliminates potential ground loop and RFI problems caused by compensation ground currents between two digital equipments. The module can be used on any microprocessor board providing the local MLX bus-extension. The MLX-bus (MPL local extension) provides an 8-bit synchronous bus and can be used like any microprocessor peripheral. The dimensions of the board are very small and the connector is an AMP-standard SIMM-connector.
As far as possible the technology used is CMOS. The board consumes typically 40mA (no load) from a single 5V supply.

Technical Features

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