MLX-SIMM Modules

The MPL408x CPUs can be readily customized through the use of their local extension bus. The MLX-bus permits the easy addition of very simple and low cost peripherals using small SIMM (Single In-line Multi-purpose Modules) mounted at a 30 degree angle. A selection of MLX add-on Modules is already available and others may be custom designed by MPL AG or the User, in order to adapt the MPL408x to meet a specific requirement.

The MLX-bus supports 8-bit wide synchronous cycles and the I/O's are routed to the front-end connector of the board. The modules are built in low power CMOS technology permitting the easy design of a wide range of control, data acquisition and portable or remote systems.

MPL4280 - Base Module for MLX-SIMM

A most cost effective solution for customizing I/O is provided by the MPL4280 Universal Interface Board which provides a motherboard for 4 MLX-SIMM modules. Thus on one G-64/96 Board

can be provided. Alternatively various permutations of the above can be realized. The MPL4280 is available in extended temperature range.

Function Base Module for MLX-SIMMs
Technology CMOS
Number of SIMM Sockets 4
I/O Connectors 4 x 10 pin
Extended Temperature Yes
OS-9 Support Yes
Power consumption @ 5V
(without modules)
40 mA

MPL SIO-1/2/3 - Serial Channels RS232/RS485

Using the concept of the SIMM (Single Inline Multipurpose Module), the SIO-1 features three RS232 serial channels and one RS485 'two-wire' channel. The SIO-2 features four RS232 serial channels. This makes the SIO-1/-2 ideal in applications requiring additional serial channels at low cost and/or less space.

The SIO-3 features two RS232 serial channels. By the use of a DC/DC converter and optocouplers, an isolation barrier of at least 500VDC between digital section and RS232 section is achieved.

  SIO-1 SIO-2 SIO-3
Function Serial I/O Serial I/O Serial I/O
RS-232 channels 3 4 2
RS-485 channels 1 - -
Opto-isolated no no yes
Communication type Async Async Async
Baud rate 50 .. 19200 Bps 50 .. 19200 Bps 50 .. 9600 Bps
Extended Temperature yes yes optional
OS-9 Support yes yes yes
Power Consumption @ 5V 18 mA 18 mA 40 mA

MPL ADDA-2 - Four Channel 12-bit A/D plus two Channel 12-bit D/A Converter

Using the concept of the SIMM (Single Inline Multipurpose Module), the ADDA-2 features four A/D channels plus two D/A channels, both with a resolution of 12 Bit. The module can be used on any microprocessor board providing the local MLX bus-extension.

Function 4 x A/D and 2 x D/A
Technology CMOS
Input channels 4
Resolution 12 Bit plus sign
Input range ± 5V
Input protection ± 30V
Accuracy ± 3 LSB max., monoton
Conversion time 68 .. 135 µsec
Output channels 2
Resolution 12 Bit
Range 0-5 V
Accuracy ± 2 LSB max., monoton
Settling time 5 µsec typ.
Slew rate 0.3 V/µsec typ.
Extended Temperature yes
OS-9 Support yes
Power consumption @ 5V 18 mA

CAN-1 - CAN Module

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a powerful solution for fieldbus applications meeting the general requirements of fieldbusses, e.g. low cost, reliability, safety, open system, real time capability and easy to use. CAN especially fulfils the requirements of sensor and actuator systems due to its serial multimaster communication protocol. Specification and standardization of CAN is based upon the OSI Reference Model of which layers 1 and 2 are covered by ISO-Standards. For easy implementation of these two layers integrated circuits are available.

CAN was originally defined and developed by the automotive industry to solve the cabling problem inside vehicles. However with its high noise immunity and fail safe operation it is also ideal as a control network for industrial applications. With its use in the mass production environment of the car industry it also brings the added benefit of being well proven and having low cost system components readily available.

Function CAN Interface
Technology CMOS
CAN Implementation Basic CAN
CAN Medium attachment CAN high speed
CAN Controller PCA82C200
CAN Driver Si9200/PCA82C250
Opto isolation yes (2500 V)
Driver delay 270 ns (max.)
CAN Power external (9 .. 28 V DC)
CAN power line protection yes
On-board DC/DC converter optional
OS-9 Support yes
Extended Temperature upon request
Power @ 5V 30 mA
Power @ 9..28V 80 mA (max.)
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