Disk Based OS-9 Operating System for the MPL408x CPU Boards

The MPL4080-DEV, MPL4080B-DEV, the MPL4082-DEV and the MPL4083-DEV packages contain all the software needed to install and run the disk based OS-9/68k version 3.0 on a MPL CPU based system. Also included is everything needed for building ROM based MPL systems. The MPL408x-DEV features the full professional version of OS-9 plus some additional utilities. OS-9 device drivers and descriptors are supplied for all functions of the MPL408x on-board peripherals, for the SIMM-modules as well as for various MPL4xxx series boards.
The MPL4337B based SCSI support provides compatibility with a wide range of mass storage devices such as most embedded SCSI harddisk drives (including removable media devices), SCSI floppy controllers and tape backup streamers, thus offering the User a comfortable and secure development environment for MPL408x based systems. The memory card support software allows handling of Panasonic and PCMCIA/JEIDA memory cards (SRAM and FLASH).

Technical Features

In the MPL4083-DEV only


For more information about OS-9 see the Microware Home Page

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