Standalone keyboard/Display controller for LCD and FIP

[MPL4455 Top View]

The MPL4455 is a standalone Terminal-Controller with integrated keyboard logic for Matrix- and IBM-PC Keyboards. It allows to connect either LCD submodules from various manufacturers or Fluorescent displays from NEC. Communication with the terminal can be established via RS-232 (standard) or RS-422, RS-485 or current-loop (optional). The command set is a subset of the VT100, enhanced by a number of MPL4455 specific commands to draw rectangles, store and recall frames, switch or blink LED's etc. The form-factor is a compact standard Eurocard (100x160mm) and the power consumption is 280mA at 5Volt. Power can be supplied via a standard 3-pole connector or via the G-64/96 (standard) or VME (optional) bus.

Technical Features

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