G-64/96 Controller Boards

MPL4337B - High Functionality CMOS SCSI and Memory Card Controller/Interface

The MPL4337B is a low cost high performance SCSI and Memory card controller board. The card contains a full SCSI controller with active termination and data transfer rates up to 1.1 Mbyte/sec. The bus interface from the SCSI part features auto and vectored mode as well as synchronous and asynchronous access. The memory card interface in combination with an MPL4272 (Panasonic) or MPL4273 (JEIDA) supports Panasonic SRAM memory cards up to 2 Mbyte and JEIDA Flash or SRAM memory cards up to 64 Mbyte. The MPL4337B is fully upwards compatible to the old MPL4337A board.

MPL4351 - High Performance Ethernet Board

The MPL4351 is a high performance Ethernet board for the G-64/96 bus. It is based on the AMD-LANCE Ethernet chipset which shares a dualport memory (up to 1MByte) with the G-64/96 bus. For network addresses and other parameters an EEPROM is implemented on the board. The MPL4351 occupies 128 or 512 kWords of VMA and 8 words of VPA address space. The MPL4351 supports both the Ethernet and Cheapernet standards.

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