G-64/96 Memory boards

The on-board memory of the processor modules can be expanded with additional memory boards containing up to 32 MBytes of static RAM/EPROM and/or dynamic RAM.

The MPL4137 is designed to accept up to 4 MBytes of either RAM or EPROM (or a mix of both) inserted into it's eight 32-pin JEDEC sockets. Alternatively up to 2 MBytes of Flash EPROM can be inserted. Address decoding is simple and can be set with jumpers.

The MPL4140B accepts four standard SIMM Memory modules providing a possibility of 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 Mbytes dynamic RAM. As these SIMM's are readily available at low cost on the market, the customer can mount them himself on the board providing high capacity RAM boards at a very reasonable cost.

  MPL4137 MPL4140B
Technology CMOS CMOS
Number of sockets 8 JEDEC 4 SIMM
Socket size 32 Pin 30 Pin
Total memory 4 Mbyte 32 Mbyte
Max. SRAM 4 Mbyte  
Max.DRAM   32 Mbyte
Max. EPROM 4 Mbyte  
Max. FLASH 2 Mbyte  
Organization 2 Banks 2 Banks
Battery backed Yes  
Power consumption @ 5V
(without memory)
70 mA 150 mA
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