G-64/96 Bus Products

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The G-64/96 Bus was designed by GESPAC SA in 1979. This interface bus concept provides a simple way to interface microprocessor modules with memory and peripheral modules on a parallel bus. MPL AG has been making boards compatible with this bus for more than 15 years. The G-64/96 Bus uses a simple, yet modern and powerful interface scheme which allows a higher level of functionality from the single height Eurocard form factor. The low overhead of the G-64/96 Bus interface greatly eases the design of custom boards by the User.

The G-64/96 bus concept supports the following features:

The MPL4000 family of G-64/96 products  has been designed to complement and extend the available range of from other manufacturers. New cards are regularly added to the MPL4000 line using the latest technology, both in design and manufacturing, and through the use of high density components. MPL AG are specialists in the area of very low power and extended temperature modules.

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