Railway Solutions with EN50155 Certification

MPL's Railway Solutions are EN50155 certified and all units undergo severe environmental testing to ensure reliable performance under a variety of power supply conditions, such as voltage variations, power interruptions, and supply changeover. The systems are also tested to withstand environmental disturbances, like vibration, shock, and extreme temperature. For example, the GUARD-F12 has been tested from -40C to +85C (called Tx in the EN50155 Standard).

Embedded Systems designed for Railway Applications

These are are some of our products that are designed for railway applications. For any other product or project needs, please talk to us. All MPL products are designed to meet or exceed the most common standards. This includes EN 50155, IEC 60945, MIL-810, EMI certification, etc... The ideal products for railway applications.

Rugged Computer with integrated PoE
This Vision Solution comes with up to eight individual GigE ports on RJ45 or M12, and four of the GigE ports are available with PoE+, ideal to add cameras.  details...
  EN50155 Certified Core i7 Embedded Computer
EN50155 Class Tx certified rugged, highly flexible, and fanless embedded solution, using 3rd. Gen. Intel Core i7 and Celeron CPU.  details...
GUARD-F12 - EN50155 Certified Firewall/Router
3 Fast Ethernet interfaces and M12 connectors, ideal for rugged industrial and railway applications. Operating temperature from -40°C up to +85°C.  details...
EN50155 certified Compact Industrial PC
CECs are very universal as they come with 2 serial lines, up to 7 USB ports, PS/2, DVI, and up to 4 GigeE ports with M12 connectors. Internal expansion over miniPCIe.  details...

Below you will find a small selection of applications currently in use worldwide. If you have a special project or needs, please talk to us, we will help you in finding the best solution.


Additional EN50155 Certified Products
PIP3x EN50155 Certified Embedded Computer up to
Intel i7 Core
PIP39 EN50155 Certified Embedded Computer with
Intel Quad Core i7 CPU
GUARD EN50155 Certified Firewall / Router
CEC EN50155 Certified Compact Embedded Computer

MPL products are 100% designed and manufactured in Switzerland by MPL AG. All our products are fanless, shock and vibration proof, low power, rugged, and long-term* available. The perfect solution for a system to be used in rugged environments.
* Typically 10 years or more after first introduction, 20+ years repairable, MPL stocks all parts at its premises

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