PIP9-1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please notice: The following information and downloads are valid for the PIP9-1 (revision A to C) only. Please go to the PIP9-1x FAQ Area for the most recent PIP versions.

PDF Manuals, Data Sheets, and Press Releases can be found in the MPL Documentation area of this homepage.

Question #325: How can I reset the BIOS settings to factory defaults?
Answer: There is a special menu entry in the BIOS setup screen, which will reset all BIOS settings to their factory defaults.
If entering the BIOS setup screen is not possible, the recommended way is to switch off the CMOS backup power (either by removing the CMOS battery completely from its holder or by using the corresponding DIP switch as described in the product "User Manual"). That way, the BIOS settings are gone and the default ones are loaded at next system boot. After the system has booted successfully, don't forget to connect/switch on the CMOS backup power again.

Question #291: I would like to "communicate" with a PC104 card installed on a MPL SBC, but it does not work.
Answer: First, please check what ISA resources (MEM, IO, IRQ) the PC104 card supports and/or uses at the moment. Read the "BIOS User's Manual" carefully and use the information therein about available ISA resources on the system to figure out a conflict free set of values for the various ISA resources. Make the necessary adjustments to the card configuration and / or the BIOS settings. The "BIOS User's Manual" suitable for your MPL SBC can be downloaded from the "Documentation area on the MPL homepage".

Question #143: How many PC/104 modules can be installed inside the PIP?
Enclosure Height [mm] PC/104 only slots PC/104 or PC/104-Plus slots PCI slots
Standard PIP 62 - 1 -
PIP80 78 - 2 -
PIP83 82.5 1 2 -
PIPPCI-1 62 - - 1
PIPPCI-2 82.5 - 1 2
PIPPCI-3 82.5 1 1 2
PIPPCI-4 120 2 1 4
PIPPCI-5 120 4 1 4
PIPPCI-L1 120 - 2 1
PIPPCI-L2 120 - - 2
PIP104PLUS-1 120 2 4 -

Question #290: My MPL SBC does not boot from CD-ROM. What I am doing wrong?
Answer: First, please verify that the hardware (SBC, drive, cables) is in working condition and the CD/DVD you are trying to boot from is really bootable. If the problem still persists, then most probably some BIOS settings are not correct. Please read the corresponding chapter(s) in the "BIOS User's Manual" carefully and make the necessary adjustments. The "BIOS User's Manual" suitable for your MPL SBC can be downloaded from the "Documentation area on the MPL homepage".

Question #345: I'm having trouble to get an USB device to work with one of your SBC. Either the USB device is not working reliable (or not at all) or the MPL SBC is even being reset if I insert the plug into the USB port or if the device is activated. The same USB device works without problem if I connect it to my laptop/desktop.
Answer: Is the USB device powered from the USB port only (no external power supply is being used)? If yes, your USB device most probably needs more power than it is allowed to do. The USB standard specifies that an USB device must not consume more than 500mA for USB2.0 / 900mA for USB3.0 (even not more than 100mA before being successfully initialized). For all USB peripherals with higher power requirements than the values mentioned above, the use of an external power supply is mandatory.
So please make sure that you use an external power supply or try to find another, standard conforming USB device.

Please note that the use of an "Y" shaped USB cable to "steal" power from a second, unused USB port is NOT a solution!

Question #370: Windows [2000 | XP] does not seems to use APM, although this feature is enabled in the BIOS. How can I add APM support to Windows  [2000 | XP] ?
Answer: Windows  [2000 | XP] does not install the necessary driver by default. To install it, please follow these steps:

  • Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add Hardware
  • Click "Next"
  • Select "Yes, i have already connected the hardware" and click "Next"
  • Select "Add a new hardware device" and click "Next"
  • Select "Install the hardware that i manually select from a list" and click "Next"
  • Select "NT APM/Legacy Support" and click "Next"
  • Click "Next", "Next" and "Finish"

Question #329: I have attached a PC/104 or PC/104-Plus card to the [PIP | MIP] and I am sure that the card is configured correctly both from the hardware and the software side. Nevertheless the card does not work as expected, but shows erratic behaviour.
Answer: Does the card need +12V, -12V or -5V from the PC104/PC104-Plus bus? If the answer is yes, chances are that the I/O drivers and/or some A/D or D/A circuitry are not properly powered.
By default the [PIP | MIP] does NOT provide the voltages mentioned above on the PC/104 or PC/104-Plus bus.
Please check the corresponding "User Manual" and/or "Technical Reference Manual" for details.

Question #275: What operating system is installed on the PIP9?
Answer: Normally, FreeDOS is preinstalled on the PIP9 so you can start it up right away.
Upon request, can deliver you PIPs pre-installed with an operating system of your choice. Details have to be discussed and offered accordingly.

Question #284: Can MPL recommend any USB CDROMs that have worked on a PIP9?
Answer: We have used internally the following two USB CDROMs without having any problems such as boot issues:
Other CDROMs may work as well however we haven't tested them and we have seen differences in the various units.

Question #276: What type of PC/104 can be installed in the PIP9?
Answer: As the PC/104 interface on the PIP9 only implements a subset of the PC/104 specification, not all PC/104 cards available on the market may work. If you wish to use a particular PC/104 card, please contact MPL.

Question #281: I wanted to use Norton Ghost to build an image of my PIP. However, Norton Ghost does not see the hard disk even though FDISK can see the NTFS partition fine.
Answer: Use the -fnx switch of Ghost to disable the extended INT13 functionality as the Ghost and the PIP BIOS have some discrepancies of the extended INT13 functionality.

Question #274: What operating system runs on the PIP9?
Answer: We have tested so far DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and various Linux Distributions. All other OS that run on a standard PC will run on the PIP9 as well as it is 100% PC/AT compatible.

Question #273: Is the PIP9 being supplied with the CE mark?
Answer: The tests neccessary for the CE conformity declaration are currently carried out. Please contact MPL AG for further information.

Question #271: Is the PIP9 board available without the housing?
Answer: Yes, the PIP9 board is available without the housing. Compared to equivalent boards like Little board or similar the PIP9 still has the big advantage of the standard connectors. Wiring costs a fortune!

Question #252: What type of power supply connector is used for the PIP?
Answer: All PIPs will be delivered with a power connector. If you need additional connectors, MPL AG will supply them as well upon request. If you insist on buying them yourself or if you need technical information, here are the purchase details:
ManufacturerPhoenix Contact
Order Number1827729
TypeMC 1,5/ 4-STF-3,81
Wire gauge diameter1.5 mm2
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