IDE2CF Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #327: I'm using a DMA capable CF card with your IDE2CF adapter, but whatever I try, DMA seems not to be working. Is the IDE2CF faulty?
Answer: The IDE2CF adapter was designed according to CF specification Rev. 2.0. Because this specification does NOT mention DMA support, the signals used for the DMA implementation on newer DMA capable CF cards are not available on the IDE2CF.
Most OS drivers should be able to detect this situation and fallback to non-DMA operation. In case the systems hangs at a very early stage during boot, you can try to disable DMA support for the IDE port in question, if your BIOS setup offers this (or a similar) option.

Please note that the above applies to IDE2CF PCB version A + B only! Later version of the PCB are designed according to a later CF specification and support DMA capable CF cards.

Question #328: I'm trying to install [Windows NT | Windows 2K | Windows XP] on a CF card, but the installation fails or the OS does not work as expected. Does the PIP/MIP/IDE2CF not support this application?
Answer: Please make sure that you use a CF card which is configured to report itself as "fixed disk" device to the host system.
Basically there are two "different kind" of CF cards. Most CF cards for the "consumer market" report themselves as "removable" devices, while CF cards for the "industrial market" are normally configured to report a "fixed disk" device.
Although a successful installation of [Windows NT | Windows 2K | Windows XP] is theoretically possible on both kind of CF cards, there may be some tricky problems when using a "removable" CF card.
Our recommendation is to use "fixed disk" CF cards for this purpose.

Question #279: Is the IDE2CF hot-pluggable? Can I remove or insert the CF card during operation?
Answer: No. The CF card is operating in the so-called "True IDE" mode if used in conjunction with the IDE2CF adapter. In this mode, "Hot Plugging" is NOT allowed by definition, so insertion/removal of the CF card is only possible while the system is not powered.

Question #280: How is the IDE2CF installed in a PIP?
Answer: Currently, we have two installation options: You can either have the IDE2CF installed so the medium is accessible from the outside of the PIP, or we can install it so the CF card can not be accessed without opening the housing. Please contact MPL AG for further information.

Question #278: What cards are supported by the IDE2CF?
Answer: Think about the IDE2CF as a simple connector that allows you to connect a CF card to the IDE port of the PC. So, all cards that implement an IDE interface will work with the IDE2CF. At the time of this writing, all mass storage cards from all manufacturers provide this functionality. CF I/O Cards like Modem, Ethernet, Serial, BlueTooth or WiFi cards will not work.
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